Brand NEW waterproof hair loss concealer PELO puff type

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cosmetic, hair loss, hair loss prevention, hair loss products,
Beauty Appliance , Other Personal Care , Beauty Equipment , Hair Styling Products

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    Product name Brand NEW waterproof hair loss concealer PELO puff type Certification -
    Category Beauty Appliance
    Other Personal Care
    Beauty Equipment
    Hair Styling Products
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    Keyword cosmetic , hair loss , hair loss prevention , hair loss products Unit Size 4.5 * 4.5 * 7.5 cm
    Brand name PELO Unit Weigh 25 g
    origin South Korea Stock -
    Supply type - HS code 330590
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    PELO is a manufacturer of skincare products, hair cushion, and hair powder.

    PELO distributes products that are manufactured in CGMP-certified facility.

    We can supply any cosmetics, hair cushion, etc. demanded by our customers.







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    5 pelo

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Jeou kyoung uk

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      203ho 22, Jubuto-ro 56beon-gil, Bupyeong-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea

    • Product Category

      Hair Styling Products

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    • Company introduction

      PELO is a distributor and distributor of cosmetics and hair loss concealer products and ISO22716 (CGMP) international cosmetics
      Our products are OEM produced by certified cosmetics manufacturers.

      The hair loss concealer was the only product tested for heavy metals.

      The product features of PELO are as follows.

       A. PELO can be applied to the scalp and hair by simply puffing the puff onto the head.
           It's much simpler than traditional hair fibers and has a mirror on the lid so it 
           can be used anywhere.
           Use it on the hair loss area to cover the hair loss and use it on the forehead to 
           make the forehead line look rich
           It has the effect of making the forehead look smaller and making the face look smaller.
           When used for  Roots gray hair, the hair fiber powder covers the  
           Roots gray hair and also has a root dyeing effect.

       B. PELO is an additive like hair mist (hair perfume) which is caused by sebum, perspiration
           Remove pimples, and hair odor

       C. Roots gray hair has a cover effect.
           It has the property to be absorbed on the scalp and hair, so you can use 
           PELO for the cover of gray hair.
           There are many customers.

       D. It has a water resistance function.
           It has a water resistance function, so it does not flow into sweat and weak rain.

       E. The scalp and hair have been added to the patented natural ingredients that are good for health.
          MultiEx BSASM has been added.

       F. The only hair loss Concealer product was produced by a cosmetic manufacturer 
          certified by 
          ISO22716 (CGMP) international cosmetics.
         One of the certifications required for the export of cosmetics to Europe or 
         USA is the ISO22716 (CGMP) 
         facility certification.
         PELO is the only Hair Loss Concealer product to be produced in facilities that 
         have ISO22716 (CGMP) certification.

       G. Hair loss Concealer The only heavy metal test among the products of Concealer
           Stability has been proven.
           Nickel has proved its stability as 21, which is below the standard value of 
           color cosmetics 30.

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      • Brand NEW waterproof hair loss concealer PELO puff type

        Brand NEW waterproof hair loss concealer PELO puff type

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