Stainless Steel Double Ring Press Joint SP-JOINT

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South Korea
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SP-JOINT(Stainless Power Joint)
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    South Korea South Korea

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    Stainless Steel Double Ring Press Joint, SP-JOINT


    SP-JOINT(Stainless Power Joint) is a newly developed, simple, easy and

    quick installation method of the dual ring press joint




    The Product Use


    ∙ Water pipe, Hot water supply pipe, Fire hydrant pipe, Water change pipe
    ∙ Heating pipe with water
    ∙ Buried water pipe
    ∙ Pipes of various machines and tools



    Workable temperature for the product


    ∙ Water temperature: 0°C~120°C

    ∙ Rubber ring(EPDM) workable temperature: -40°C~+140°C




    Materials and Specifications


    ∙ Stainless steel pipe for general piping(STS304) 13Su to 100Su



    Characteristics of SP-JOINT


    ∙ High-quality steel pipe
    -Stainless steel pipe

    ∙ 360° angle change
    -Angle is changeable after circular compression

    ∙ The most economical piping
    -20-30% cheaper than copper

    ∙ Seismic test
    -Safety against vibration is ensured

    ∙ The most convenient piping
    -Non-welded piping and convenient tool

    ∙ Labor cost saving
    -Labor reduction by 1/2~1/3 compared to welded piping

    ∙ The securest piping
    -Leak safety, installation safety

    ∙ Easy insulation and finishing work
    -Insulation work is easy due to small protrusion of compressed area



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      South Korea South Korea
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      195, Seoicheon-ro, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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      Industrial Supplies,Pipe Fittings,Stainless Steel

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    • Company introduction

      Dasung Tech Co., Ltd was established to play a role in the development of our country’s facility industry by dramatically improving the performance of stainless steel pipe joint.
      Today, economic development and improvement of income levels made us to be oriented towards a little more luxurious, safe and long-lasting buildings and vessels of advanced countries.
      Therefore, Dasung Tech Co., Ltd has improved the installation method of dual ring joint to connect the rust-free, long lasting and hygienic stainless steel pipes without welding in more convenient, safe and cost-effective way.
      Dasung Tech Co., Ltd will do its best to be always trusted by customers with continuous R&D and customer satisfaction movement.

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      • Stainless Steel Double Ring Press Joint SP_JOINT

        Stainless Steel Double Ring Press Joint SP-JOINT

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