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14 Morris Pen Corporation

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    South Korea South Korea

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    Morris retractable permanent marker is easy to use in one hand. It is inconvenient to use a permanent marker while holding a bulky box or a beverage where you need to write. But the retractable permanent marker has the solution by clicking the knob with one hand. It's a handy clip and makes easy to carry on.


    * Retractable Permanent marker

    * Writing distance 1,000 M(3,000ft)

    * Easy to push the button

    * One handed operation

    * Due to special sealing system, the ink doesn't dry inside

    * Non toxic ink used 



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    14 Morris Pen Corporation

    • Country

      South Korea South Korea
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    • President

      Yoon Ho, Moon

    • Address

      952 Dohwa-dong Nam-gu Incheon, Nam-gu, Incheon, Korea

    • Product Category

      Pens & Pencils,Whiteboards & Markers

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    • Company introduction

      Morris Co, Ltd, a leading stationery manufacturer & supplier in Korea!!


      Morris pen corporation has been trying to lead the stationery supplier market by developing many kinds of new writing instruments and color pens width an adventurous and creative way of thinking to satisfy customers' needs and to lead the rapidly changing market.


      With our continuous effort to improve our technical skills and products quality, we have been able to obtain lots of patents and certifications which resulted in Morris pen corporation as the best leading company in the industry of office supplies.


      However, we are still trying to develop the various products with the highest quality and to make the world's best products by improving our system and continuous investment in R&D. Also, we will make an effort to widen our market to all over the world and to become the best stationery supplier.



      The Beginning of the New Stationery,


      Just click.!


      The start of Morris, the start of stationery the world has never seen before.


      We launched the world’s first retractable marker under the name ‘Quick Marker’.


      We have introduced a variety of products for 30 years, including retractable highlighters, oil-based permanent markers, and white board markers,


      and our products are enjoyed all around the world.


      More Details: www.morris.co.kr






    • Main Markets
      • U. Kingdom U. Kingdom
      • Japan Japan
      • U.S.A U.S.A
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      • Quick Marks_ L Permanent Marker

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      • Retractable Highlighter_Quick Marks S_

        Retractable Highlighter(Quick Marks-S)

      • Just Click_M Whiteboard marker

        Just Click-M Whiteboard marker

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