Snow Chain patch type - Road Grip

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South Korea
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Road Grip
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Snowbear co.,Ltd

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2015
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Verified Certificate


Product name Snow Chain patch type - Road Grip Certification -
Category Car Care Products
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Keyword snow chain , snow chains , car accesary , automobile chain Unit Size -
Brand name Road Grip Unit Weigh 121 g
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Product Information


| Patch type Snow Chain |

- Brand :  Road Grip

| Description |

Road Grip patch is Snowy road auxiliary device that prevents slip and increases braking force by increasing frictional force when attached on surface of tires before starting snowing in winter.
Road Grip, which has been tested for winter driving performance in TESTWORLD, Finland.


1. Lasts up to 900 Mile
2. Compatible to All Vehicles! Compatible to All Tire!
3. Compact size and weight : 4.2oz(121g)
4. No damage due to electronic devices_There are no interference from ABS/TCS electric devices so that you can prevent malfunction or accidents.
5. Super easy installation + Wears out automatically
6. Smooth and Comfort Driving! Minimal Vibration/Noises!
7. 2 years of recommanded usage period.
8. Snow Tire Pattern Adapted!
9. Exclusive Adhesive which
is even OK in a very cold temperature like -20 degree Celsius!

| How to Use |

Anyone can easily mount in 5 minutes, Zero electronic device interference such as ABS / TCS, 
Can be used for all kinds of vehicles, Smooth ride, Can be attached at minus 20 degrees

1. Please put on the glove, remove water or other substances from the surface of tire
2. Take out all the materials, and put them on the cover of Patch.
3. According to the attaching line, apply the exclusive adhesive.
4. Attach 2 patch(with 5cm gap) on one tire. (Front wheel for FWD, Rear wheel for RWD)
5. Please check once again whether the adhesive is hardened and then drive.

| Components |

- Dedicated gloves 1 set
- Snow patch 4 pcs
- Dedicated adhesive gel 1 pc


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Snowbear co.,Ltd

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2015
Business type


Seung-Hoon Kim
123, Cheomdangwagi-ro (Creative economy center office snow bear ), Buk-gu, Gwangju, KOREA
Product Category
Car Care Products,Other Wheels, Rims & Tires
Year Established
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Company introduction

Check our you tube link to see what it is.  ->





Snow Bear Co., Ltd. has developed a snow patch to solve the inconvenience, high cost and low efficiency of winter tire non-slip products and to protect the driver in emergency situations.



The snow pass, which has proven its performance in Finland ‘TEST WORLD’, is recognized worldwide for its excellent quality at a reasonable price.



We will continue to make efforts to produce global products representing Korea.


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South Korea South Korea


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