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4 SWIT Inc.

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    Escalator Handle Cleaning System


    ★ Sterilization, Cleaning

    - Strong dis-infective power to remove super-becteria, virus, etc.

    - Remove 99% of bacteria using sterilization liquid with UV lamp.

    - Prevent safety-accident with spontaneous-use of clean handrail.


    ★ Advertisement, Marketing

    - Give the customer a positive image that you care people's health.

    - Modern and luxurious interior design for your spaces.

    - Displaying customized advertisement on a 7 inch monitor.


    ★ Effective Management

    - Managing machines on the computer using Internet of Things.  

    - Automatic operation for 24 hours.

    - Monitoring cleaning status and consumable items in real-time.  




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    4 SWIT Inc.

    • Country

      South Korea South Korea
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    • President

      KyeongHo Park

    • Address

      Dusan-ro, 70,Hyundai Knowledge-Industry Center Rm B-1611, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea

    • Product Category

      Other Machinery & Industry Equipment

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    • Company introduction

      SWIT Inc.  Serwoo

      Premium sanitization system for escalator handrailsWeClean

      We, SWIT Inc., established our company in 2014.

      We are a company that develops and supplies WeClean, Disinfecting & Cleaning system exclusively for escalator handrails that are exported to more than 60 countries around the world.

      Today, we live in an era where numerous viruses and infectious diseases are repetitive and rapidly spreading.

      As borders between countries disappear in many fields, the wide and rapid movement of people and logistics cannot be prevented, making it increasingly difficult to damage.

      Since 2014, WeClean

      Since 2014, we at SWIT Inc. are committed to ideas and R&D for a healthy and safe society.

      As a result, the Premium Sanitization System for all escalator handrails (disinfection & cleaning), WeClean was born.

      Escalators installed in cities around the world are a representative public facility used by many citizens at all times.

      Typical examples are subway or train stations, terminals, airports, shopping malls and hospitals.

      Since it is an open facility, it is inevitable to be exposed to various bacteria and viruses indiscriminately.

      So, most people are relucant to hold the handrails because of concerns about its hygiene.

      However, this increases the risk of escalator accidents.


      That's why we all need WeClean all around the world.

      We protect citizens from infectious diseases such as SARS, swine flu, MERS, Ebola, and COVID-19 that are constantly occurring, and create a culture in which people can voluntarily hold the escalator handrails for their safety.


      We will continue to make the best products and services in the field of sanitization with a solid goal and R&D.


      As a one of leading company in world health care products, SWIT Inc., always think people safety first and will listen to customers.


      Thank you.

      Sincerely yours.

      All employees of SWIT Inc.

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      • Escalator Handle Cleaning System _ Equipment

        Escalator Handle Cleaning System / Equipment

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