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Perilla krunch (vegetable omega-3 snack)

Agriculture & Food   > Snacks
crunch , omega 3 , snack , sweet
Place of Origin
South Korea

5 Gong Food Korea


Country South Korea South Korea

Supplier Grade level2

Response Rate 16.67%

Main products Raw Perilla seed oil
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Product Information


Perilla krunch (vegetable omega-3 snack)  



Perilla seed has been drawing substantial attention in Europe beyond Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia because of its anti-cancer effect with rich omega 3 and other nutrients. It is added to this Krunch.  Once you start, you can’t stop!  Crunchy Chocolate is crispy and not too sweet as it does not contain much chocolate. The fresh and delicate scent of each ingredient has a fantastic feel when biting into the crunchy chocolate.


• Country of Origin : Korea
• Product Category : krunch snacks
• Ingredient/Additive : Perilla seeds & etc.
• Size : 23g
• Expiration Date : 1 and half year
• Preservation Method : room temperature