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heat pump, leather, remove humidity, heating air,
Packaging Material Making Machines , Other Apparel & Accessories Machinery , Furniture Machines
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Hingo Refrigeration Equipment Factory

Country / Year Established
China China / 1988
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Product name Heat Pump Dryer For Leather Industry Certification -
Category Packaging Material Making Machines
Other Apparel & Accessories Machinery
Furniture Machines
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Heat pump energy recovery dehumidifier & dryer working course: In an airtight drying chamber, the heat dry airflow from dryer contact with the surface and absorb the moisture of material by fan; the heat dry airflow absorb moisture become heat humid air, then through dryer the moisture coagulates drip and discharge by drainpipe. The dry airflow after heating by dryer become heat dry airflow again. The moisture of material keeps evaporating, coagulating, and discharging until it reaches the drying standard.


Product Features

- Do not need heating device, lower energy consumption than other drying equipment about 40%~60%.

- Completely reclaim the latent heat of moist heat and make the air closed-cycle in the drying chamber. This design reduces the energy consumption, avoid environment and man-made pollution.

- Adopt automatic control system, the temperature can be adjusted according to the different product. The dryer has excellent character for solving many problems such as long time for drying, high temperature, drying unevenly and huge energy consumption.

- The material will not deform, not dehisce, not changes colour, not metamorphose, and not oxidate while drying.

- The machine is integral structure, and already debugged before delivery. It can be used after connecting to pipeline and electrical source.


Application Areas

The heat pump energy recovery dehumidify & drying is a method of low temperature (15~45/50/60), nearly air dry (5-10%). The evaporating speed of surface is similar with the speed which the inside moisture moves to the surface. This drying method the merchandise remains good quality, nice colour, high level, no pollution and saving resources. The heat pump drying can be widely used in paper making, packing, printing and storage of tea, candy, foodstuff, ceramic, timber, Chinese traditional medicine, preserved fruit, fish, sausage, seafood, high protein food, varieties seed, edible mushroom, vegetable, fruit, potato chip, ginger slice, peanut, aquatic product, leather and heat sensitive chemical material etc.




Heat Pump Dryer (Direct Fired Dryer)   

- Absorbing the energy of the air by heat pump, heating drying room air, lower energy consumption.

- Rapid heating, constant to maintain the required drying temperature.

- The dryer by means of which outward discharge the water vapour saturated hot, then supply fresh air and reheating. Constantly repeated.

- Notice: the dryer not lower the temperature and not dewatering feature, it only heating air and outward discharge hot air for removing humidity.


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Hingo Refrigeration Equipment Factory

Country / Year Established
China China / 1988
Business type


Kylie Li
Liandu Industial Park, Leliu, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong, China
Product Category
Other General Industrial Equipment,Refrigeration & Heat Exchange Machinery
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HINGO REFRIGERATION EQUIPMENT FACTORY is one of the earliest manufacturers of industrial refrigeration and dehumidification equipment established in Mainland China. Specialized products in Polar-Chiller brand range from industrial chiller, industrial dehumidifier, heat pump dryer, industrial air conditioner, refrigerated compressed-air dryer, sauna & swimming pool series etc.


It was established in Hong Kong in 1988, and its manufacturing factory was built in Shunde in 1990, is highly professional in R&D, design, processing, production, testing in industrial cooling, dehumidifying and constant temperature equipment. With the belief of ‘Ever Improving In Pursuit of Excellence’ and through the use of state-of-the-art production facilities and techniques, more than 20 years of skills and a team of experienced technicians, we make relentless endeavour to provide quality products for a variety of conventional and specific applications.


The design of all Polar-Chiller products are based on industrial applications. All components, which match stringent requirements, are of superior industrial grade coupled with world-renowned semi-components. Key parts are processed with anti-erosive treatment. Protection systems are enhanced with reliable independent components. According to different working environments, Polar-Chiller equipment can self-adjust operation parameters to ensure its stability and durability, even in the most adverse industrial surroundings.


The superior quality and state-of-the-art technology of our products have been widely recognized among domestic and overseas markets, with a remarkable sales volume coming from all over the world.


At Hingo, we strive unyieldingly to lift our product standard, quality, functionality by means of greater resources allocated to R&D, in a bid to achieve the widest range of application, and satisfy the needs of the largest variety of industries.


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