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Fountain Pen-type Toothbrush Portable

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toothbrush , travel toothbrush , portable toothbrush
Place of Origin
South Korea

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Country South Korea South Korea

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Response Rate 41.07%

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Product Information

Fountain pen-type toothbrush
3 in 1: Toothbrush, toothpaste and water cup
Toothpaste refillable, all-in-one portable toothbrush

Necessary for office workers, students, office ladies, travellers
In the pencil case for students, in the pocket for businessmen, in the handbag for neat women

  • Accessory for travelling at home and abroad
  • For businessmen and students
  • Promotional item
  • Convenient to use due to combination of toothbrush, toothpaste and water cup
  • Easy to carry due to the fountain pen-type shape
  • The hygiene cap protects the toothbrush from dirt and germs
  • Strong anti-bacterial power by using soft anti-bacterial bristles: 99.99% of anti-bacterial capability was identified and the proliferation of toothbrush germs is prevented.
  • Possible to refill the toothpaste and longtime use
Color: white, light green, light blue, light pink (to be changed subject to an order of 10,000 pieces or more)
Material: toothbrush handle, lid – ABS, bristle – PBT resin (7mils fine bristle), toothpaste tube – PE, toothpaste tube lid, air lid - PP<