HLF 600 Coaxial Cable

HLF 600 Coaxial Cable

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HLF, LMR, RF Connector House
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coaxial cable, lmr cable, rf cable, rf cable assembly,
Home Audio & Television , Radio & TV Broadcasting Equipment , Antennas for Communications , Communication Cables , Other Telecommunications Equipment
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Synergy Telecom Private Limited

Country / Year Established
India India / 2001
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Product name HLF 600 Coaxial Cable Certification -
Category Home Audio & Television
Radio & TV Broadcasting Equipment
Antennas for Communications
Communication Cables
Other Telecommunications Equipment
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Keyword coaxial cable , lmr cable , rf cable , rf cable assembly Unit Size -
Brand name HLF, LMR, RF Connector House Unit Weigh -
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Synergy offering include

RF Cables: LMR 100/200/400/240/300/400; RG6/11/58/59/142/174/178/179/188/213/214/217/223/316/400, 

1.13 mm etc. as also 

High Frequency Cables Suco 141/0.86/RG402/ 405/ SS402/ 405/ LL120/ 142/335 etc.

HLF 600 Coaxial Cable Specification

LMR-600. Ideal for… • Jumper Assemblies in Wireless Communications Systems. • Short Antenna Feeder runs. • Any application (e.g. WLL, GPS, LMR, WLAN, WISP, WiMax,. SCADA, Mobile Antennas) requiring an easily routed, low loss RF cable. LMR®-600. Flexible Low Loss Communications Coax

Item                                                                   Material                                Diameter ( inch )  Diameter ( mm ) 

Center Conductor                  Solid Copper Clad Aluminum Wire                    0.1760 inch       4.47 mm 

Dielectric                                                     Foamed Polyethylene                       0.455 inch        11.56 mm 

Inner Shield                                               Sealed APA Tape                                  0.463 inch        11.76 mm 

Outer Shield                           34AWG, 90% Tinned Copper Braid                         0.491 inch          12.47 mm

Jacket                                                            Black PE                                           0.590 inch           14.99 mm

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Synergy Telecom Private Limited

Country / Year Established
India India / 2001
Business type


Pradeep Kumar Agrawal
WZ-47 Basement Saini Chowk, Budhella Village, Vikas Puri, New Delhi, Delhi-110018, India
Product Category
Antennas for Communications,Communication Cables,Other Telecommunications Equipment ,Solar Energy Products,Telecom Parts
Year Established
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Company introduction

Synergy Telecom Pvt Ltd is a leading provider and manufacturer of Telecom Equipment, Antennae, Cable assemblies, Microwave Components, IBS and BTS installation materials, Solar passive components and solutions. We maintain a large inventory of fast moving material like Cable, Cable Assemblies, Connectors, Passive RF components and Installation Material. We are approved vendors with BEL, ITI, DRDO, RAILWAYS, ISRO, Private Telecom Operators, BSNL, and MTNL. We believe in creating value for our customers by continuous improvement of products, service quality and customer satisfaction.

Synergy offering include

RF Cables: LMR 100/200/400/240/300/400; RG6/11/58/59/142/174/178/179/188/213/214/217/223/316/400, 1.13 mm etc. as also High Frequency Cables Suco 141/0.86/RG402/ 405/ SS402/ 405/ LL120/ 142/335 etc.

RF Connectors: N, DIN, BNC, SMA, TNC, MCX, MMCX, SMB, SMC, SSMA, SMZ, 1.6/5.6, 1.0/2.3, FME, UHF, RCA as also High Frequency Connectors 2.4mm/2.92mm/1.95mm/3.5mm/N/ SMA/ DIN/ APC7 etc.

RF Adaptors: N/L9/SMA/SMB/BNC/TNC/SMZ/MCX/DIN in various combinations of Male and Female including High Frequency adaptors 2.4/2.92/3.5mm etc.

RF Cable Assemblies & Jumpers: All kind of cable assemblies and jumpers including Precision High frequency Cable assemblies with customized combination of cable type, length and connectors with a fast turnaround time for custom cable assemblies.

RF Antennae: GSM Magnetic Antenna, USB Modem Antenna, Mobile Phone antenna and adapter, Patch Panel Antenna, Rubber Antenna, GPS antenna, Wi-Fi antenna

Microwave Products: Attenuators, Splitters, Combiners, Couplers, Power Dividers, Matching Transformers, High power dummy loads, DC Blocks, Multi way couplers, LPF, BPF, Duplexers, Lightning Arrestors, all infrastructure items for IBS and BTS

Waveguide Products: Straight, Bend, Twist, flexible, elliptical waveguides and waveguide parts like Tee, Transitions, Loads, Couplers, Isolators, Joints, Shorts etc.

Telecom Equipment: Complete range of telecom access equipment that include Wireless Home Gateways, Portable Hot Spot, M2M modules and solutions, Indoor and Outdoor Routers based on GSM, WCDMA and LTE Technologies.

Electronic Instruments: High end test equipment like LOW PIM Testers, Communication Test Sets for 2G/3G/4G.

Tools:  Complete range of tools, tool kits, and electronic instruments like Multi-meters etc. from reputed Taiwan Company.

Solar: Solar connectors(MC4, MC4 branch, diode connectors, fuse connectors, tools including crimping tools including hydraulic, wrench, cutting tools), DC and AC solar UV protected cables and cable assemblies.

Optical: All optical fibers, connectors and their patch chords, pigtails, attenuators, FDMS.

If you have any customized requirement, please do not hesitate to contact us on aakash@rfconnector.in


Main Markets

U.A.E. U.A.E.

Australia Australia

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Bhutan Bhutan

China China

Indonesia Indonesia

India India

Japan Japan

South Korea South Korea

Nepal Nepal

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