, white refined sugar

, white refined sugar

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white refined sugar
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sugar cane, white refined sugar, sugar sugar icumsa 45, brown suger,
Other Foods , Water

Korn Trading Company

Country / Year Established
Thailand Thailand / 2007
Business type
Trading Company
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Category Other Foods
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Refined White Crystal  Thai Sugar Cane ICUMSA 45, shall conforms to the following specifications and / or international standard specifications, fit for human consumption.
- ICUMSA: 45 Max.RBU Attenuation index units method # 4-1978.
- Color: Sparkling Crystal White
- Polarization: 99.80% Degree Maximum.
- Moisture: 0.04% Maximum.
- Ash: 0.04% Maximum.
- Copper (Cu): 3 P.P.M
- Arsenic (As): 1 P.P.M.
- Lead (Pb): 1 P.P.M.
- Sulphur dioxide: 20 Mg / Kg Max.
- Reducing Sugar: 0.05% Max. by weight.
- HPN Staph Aur.: Not detected in 1 Gm.
- Radiation: Normal w / o presence of cesium or iodine, certified.
- Substance: Solid crystal.
- Solubility: 100% Maximum dry and free flowing.
- Sediments: None.
- Smell: Free of any smell.
- Granulation: Fine.


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Korn Trading Company

Country / Year Established
Thailand Thailand / 2007
Business type
Trading Company
40/23 Khaosan Rd 95450 Chiangrai, Thailand
Product Category
Photo Paper
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<p>Korn Trading Company is a responsive and responsible Supplier and Exporter of a wide variety of Cooking Oil, Frozen Meat, Energy Drinks, Fresh Butter, Sisal Fibre, A4 Copy Paper, Nuts, White Refined Sugar, White Rice, Copper Scrap, and Livestock Beef. Sourced from some of the most reliable and certified manufacturers and processors of the market after intense research about the product quality and market stability, our entire product range is in compliance with the set industrial standards, is of the highest quality and safe. Buyers can contact us for immediate receipt of the products all over the world, at industry leading prices 

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