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Product name DVT Prevention Device DVT-2600/DVT-4000 Certification -
Category Medical Devices
Other Surgical Equipment
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DVT-2600 The venous assist system


DVT-4000s is designed to manage and monitor continually the status and progress of DVT prophylaxis in high-risk patients, especially those requiring long-term prevention at home after leaving hospital as well as pre-operative. We have simple type of DVT pump, DVT-2600.


DVT-4000S System features

- Automatic reffilling time

- Optimized for thrombosis prevention auto cuff detection function

- Suitable for hopital or use at home (before and after surgery)

- Patient status record (record usage time and number)

- Convenient one-touch method

- Full touch screen system for convenient operation status

- Language selection function

DVT-2600 System features

•Automatic operation by one button for optimum DVT prevention

•Automatic detecting sensor recognizing the cuff types

•Automatic pressure controlling system

•Automatic switching system (the power to battery in case of power outage)

•Automatic Safety control alarm system (Cuff kind check, Cuff connection check, Pressure checking, Battery check)

•Automatic individual application according to cuff kinds connected to a compressor

•Selectable mode (DVT prevention and Lymphatic drainage modes)

•Hand-operated set up (Pressure, Interval time, Use time)

•Built-in battery –Maximum 6~8 hours usable


Certificate : FDA, CE, ISO13485, CFDA, SFDA, TGA, ANVZA


Please see very useful information that we have collected for DVT system to prevent from thrombosis in lungs… from COVID-19.

Last month, Korean Government had also arranged urgent medical list related to COVID-19. DVT-2600 was involved into the items.

Please read the below comments why DVT pumps are very essential item for the patients suffering Covid-19 and apply it with your Government and clients.

I hope this information that we are using will be also useful for your DVT business.



summary : (The clinical study is attached)

COVID-19 can cause venous and arterial thromboembolism due to excessive inflammation, hypoxia, immobilization, and intravascular clotting.

For all COVID-19 patients admitted to the ICU at two Dutch university hospitals.

Between April 5 and May 7 (less than a month), among 184 ICU patients with confirmed COVID-19, VTE occurred in 27% and venous thrombosis in 3.7% (thrombosis in 31%) Onset)

PE is the most frequent thrombotic complication.



around 5:45 point, you will find the DVT mentioning on video.

As Video said,

Infected lung by virus (One of the symptom of the COVID-19 and during treating COVID-19) easily occurs another germs and many of virus are flowing with the blood in the vessel.

It activates the immune system responses to the bacteria by enlarging the blood vessel. Enlarged blood vessel caused the dropped blood pressure (Hypotension).

Finally, blood clots was occurred on the organs blood vessel and 5 days later, the patient was dead.

The blood clots is the VTE (DVT or PE).


So, Korean hospital apply the DVT prevention system for all of COVID-19 patients after this cases are opened to avoid this kinds of fatal issue.

We are collecting urgent orders globally from our agents due to this covid.

I hope you can understand this explanation and explain to your hospitals and share the video as well.



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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 1994
Business type

Exhibition 1

Gunpo Expo 2022



Gumjeong-dong,689-31, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
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Beauty & Personal Care,Medical Devices,Beauty Equipment
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We are a professional manufacturer of air compression application medical devices under “DOCTOR LIFE” brand name since 1986.

We try to expand our business more positively with a new brand name, “DSmaref” for more world wide global business.

We will not stop developing our techniques and services for the user’s happier life.

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