SDMC-P18 - Acoustical Metal Ceiling Panels

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5 Zenfix Co., Ltd.

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    SDMC-P18: Acoustical Metal Ceiling Panel


    Material: Hot-dipped Galvanized Steel Sheet

    Usage: Interior ceiling finishing

    Application: Educational facilities [Auditorium, Cafeteria, Library, Classroom, Hallway] | Public institutions | Office buildings | Lobby | Medical facilities | Conference rooms

    Performance test: Sound absorption | Quasi-noncombustible | Flame retardant | Smoke density | Moisture resistance | Salt spray corrosion | Pollutant emission | Paint and varnishes cross-cut



    Thickness: 0.4T [excluding thickness of acoustic nonwoven]

    Color option:



    High acoustical performance NRC 0.68: suitable for noisy environment to control its sound quality

    Fire resistant ceiling material: Acquired quasi-noncombustible test grade

    Recyclable material: waste reduction with recyclable material after installation

    Environment-friendly material: No asbestos and hazardous substance emission

    Custom surface design option available: application of one of kind space-specific design

    Easy maintenance: allow easy access to plenum and partial replacement of damaged panels

    Durability: able to maintain the external appearance for long time due to use of a high strength material


    SDMC Acoustical Function:

    Noise can hinder concentration, efficiency, and even healing.

    SDMC = Sound absorption + Sound blocking


    SDMC absorbs sound through perforations on its metal surface and an acoustic nonwoven attached on its back. 

    SDMC reduces reverberated and reflected noise and maintains a quality environment when installed indoor.


    Installation method:


    SDMC uses the Clip-in installation system by click in the metal ceiling panels into the clip-bar of the ceiling frame. 

    Compatible with industry standard ceiling lighting, HVAC, diffusers, smoke and spray devices, and security systems.

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    5 Zenfix Co., Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Young-chul Kwon

    • Address

      3F, 66 Nakdongbuk-ro, Gangseo-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea, 46706

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      Zenfix Co., Ltd. is a major South Korean manufacturer of design ceiling materials and
      provider of innovative ceiling solution. As an innovative leader pushing for change in
      ceiling material market, Zenfix has been continually developing new ceiling solution by experimenting with various materials and shapes. The company is committed to delivering quality, design innovation, and maximum value ethically and sustainably. 


      1.  By engaging in development, production, sale, installation, and design, Zenfix specializes in the creation of comprehensive solutions for ceiling materials.
      2. The first in Korea to develop and produce design ceiling, Zenfix has been showing continuous growth while inducing demand for new ceiling materials.
      3. Zenfix aims to increase domestic market shares and develop new technology to expand into global market.



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