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phone holder, swarovski, phone ring, phone grip,
Mobile Phone Accessories


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    Product name allurRing - Sirocco Certification -
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    Keyword phone holder , swarovski , phone ring , phone grip Unit Size 3.5 * 0.0 * 4.5 mm
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    origin South Korea Stock -
    Supply type - HS code 392690
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    - Compatible with smartphones and tablets
    - Possible to proceed with our brand or your own brand
    - Plate : Metal UV Finishing on PC Plate and silk printed logo
    - Ring : Zinc alloy with special coating

    Special features.
    - The hinge has 4 patents registered for its unique structure. With its special one-body structure and TPU usage for durability, we maximized solidity for the ring`s pivot ability and 360 degree turning ability. This enables the allurRing to be used in various purposes as well as a smartphone stand.
    - Semi-permanent adhesive pad, reusable after washing by water.
    - Using with real Swarovski.


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    13 GPEL

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Joseph Son

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      Cable,Chargers,Other Mobile Phones & Accessories

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      Dear Sir or Mam,

      It is so happy to have a chance to introduce our company to you. 

      We are a mobile accessory company in Korea. We are handling various items about mobile accessory like screen protector glass, phone case, charger, etc. And Real Tempered Glass for mobile phone screen protection item is one of our main product.

      We are selling this protection glass item in USA market more than 30 millions pcs since 2014.


      And in 2018, we developed new item - Phone Ring : allurRing and would like to introduce you about this item specially.


      We developed and produce our allurRing in Korea. Thus we can assure our products quality and reliability.

      Please let us have a chance to explain you about our company and products.

      Thank you so much!!

      Lisa from GPEL 

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