Dishwashing liquid

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dishwashing liquid, bath cleaning, household chemicals,
Other Personal Care , Toothpaste & Mouthwash , Nose & Ear Trimmer

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Russia Russia

Product name Dishwashing liquid Certification -
Category Other Personal Care
Toothpaste & Mouthwash
Nose & Ear Trimmer
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We offer funds for the care of household items and the house.

Means for washing dishes,
means for washing the floor
means for washing windows
means for cleaning the bathroom
means for cleaning furniture

Production of Japan and Russia

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4 Lotos

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    Russia Russia
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    Potanin Adrey

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    Primorsky kray city Dalnegorsk street Road 17

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    Canned Food

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    Lotus Trading company and manufacturer.
    Lotus has been operating on the Russian market since 1992.
    We produce confectionery products for the domestic market.
    We are engaged in wholesale and retail sales of food, beverages, confectionery.
    We cooperate with many companies and manufacturers in the Russian market.

    We are interested in cooperation in the field of trade relations and the export of goods and food.
    We can represent the interests of your company in Russia and supply goods from Russia.

    Many manufacturers in Russia do not export products, because the market in Russia is very large, and that's enough.

    If your company has a need to buy goods in Russia, our company can accept such orders and make orders for the delivery of goods to your country.

    We are ready to do business only with reliable foreign companies that can provide complete information about the company, can conclude an agency cooperation agreement that would have a representative in Russia.

    We can not send samples to customers free of charge. If the buyer is interested in any product, the buyer is obliged to purchase samples of products for inspection and quality evaluation.


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