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welding machine, hot press splicing machine, finger punching machine, ply separator,
Packaging Material Making Machines
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Wenzhou Honglong Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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China China / 2015
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Product Information


HOLO SC 130 New Ply Separator
Ply Separator
Ecnomic Ply Separator
130 Ply Separator
HOLO SC 130 ply seperator is used for separator between each plies of a conveyor belt.
This cutting action is applied to prepare a fiver over finger splicing belt with 2 or 3 separations within one belt.
It is also possible allow user to creat films from belt for splicing process .
Product Description of Ply Separator
Split deepth up to 130mm .
With only one handle allow precise splitting thickness up to 10mm .
New Hard alloy steel knife,better performance on thin Pu belt .
With scale, high precision separation and easy work, high efficiency.
Foot pedal start / stop with cover, work more safe.
Features and Benefits
Easy deepth adjustment
Capable of splitting belts up to 10 mm thick.
Better performance on hard belt.
Safe and Convenient.
Accessories and Options
Optional stand ,allowing to be portable within workshop.
As a ply separator manufacturer, Honglong provides ecnomic ply separator such as 130 ply separator, 750 ply separator, belt splitting machine.


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Wenzhou Honglong Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
China China / 2015
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Jessie Wang
Wenzhou Honglong Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Product Category
Packaging Material Making Machines
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Wenzhou Honglong Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. dedicated to conveyor belt and its joint equipment research and development, manufacturing and sales. Our Core team has more than 10 years of experience in the industrial belt industrial .
In March.2006 ,our conveyor belt joint equipment division was established .By the researching and optimizing of existing equiment on the market ,we developed our own thermoplastic conveyor belt joint equipment and registered the “HOLO” trademark.
In June,2008,by the introduction of Japanese material and technology ,our equipment has a great improving on appearance and performance .So far ,we have applied 6 National patents for our belt joint equipment which are all leading technology in the world.
In 2010 ,We changed our name to Wenzhou Honglong industrial equipment manufacturing co., ltd .Our selling network already spread all over the china ,our equipment has sold to various field which using conveyor belt and received a high praise by our customers .At the same time ,we are keep promoting our equipment and start extend our sales network to international market .Our equipment started to ship to Germany ,Italy ,south Africa ,Singapore,middle east ,Netherlands,South Korean ,Thailand ...from this year .
In 2015 ,Besides the agent in china mainland .We developed new agents in Taiwan and Nertherlands ,We are also looking for more agent worldwide .We will provide professional belt joint machine OEM services, We can become your professional and stable manufacturing factory in china to help you succeed in your business .
In the future ,we will continue to improve the quality of the products ,provide better services by using first class management .To establish a “high quality +excellent service” HOLO image in transmission and logistic handling industrial .To achieve a win-win situation with our customers . Welcome all friends ,customs come to our factory for visiting and consultation .


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