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10 Taebong Co., Ltd.


Country South Korea South Korea

Supplier Grade level2

Response Rate 3.7%

Main products Cotton Ball(Cylindrical) & Cotton Pellet
Sanitary Tampon
Eco Natural Tempo
TAE BONG made panty liner

Product Information





Unlike the pad type sanitary band, the tampon is a product that directly absorbing period blood from woman.

Presently, in the US, Europe, and etc, it is the internal insertion hygienic band in which the use is generalized.

When it can wear anytime and anywhere and exercising, there is no sensation of wearing and there is no leak at all.



Summary of the Features of Tempo
-100% pure cotton absorber and the hygienic sterilization processing
-The fast absorbent structure and the internal customized absorber
-The internal dust prevention absorber cover and safe string not to be removed
-The comfortable insertion with soft applicator and secession without any pain