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IPU (I'll Protect U)

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Place of Origin
South Korea

1 padiem


Country South Korea South Korea

Supplier Grade level2

Response Rate 50%

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Product Information


IPU (I'll Protect U)  


I’ll Protect U
IPU Introduction
“IPU is the best self-protection system for women who are always exposed to anxiety.”



│ Features │

To protect crimes by detecting dangerous persons, who could attack behind of women, elderly person,

and child on their way back home alone in the night.

It is consisted of self-protection device installed human body sensor, camera, WIFI, LED, etc., and an application linked to it.
When the sensor detects automatically, it will inform the user the access of dangerous person by vibration or

alarm, and transmit the time of sensor detection and the location of user to guardian.

Simultaneously, the system takes pictures and video, and transfers them to the user and guardian in real time to</