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Perilla Chewy Candy (vegetable omega-3 candy)

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caramel , perilla , soft candy , chewing
Place of Origin
South Korea

5 Gong Food Korea


Country South Korea South Korea

Supplier Grade level2

Response Rate 16.67%

Main products Raw Perilla seed oil
Perilla powder
Red ginseng caramel
Perilla caramel

Product Information


Perilla Chewy Candy (vegetable omega-3 candy)  



Perilla chewy candy : Perilla seed has been drawing substantial attention in Europe beyond Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia because of its anti-cancer effect with rich omega 3 and other nutrients. It is added to this caramel. Red ginseng chewy candy : Ginseng is well known as healthy food with anti-aging and anticancer effect, and for boosting the immune system. This caramel made with ginseng, contains unique taste and aroma of ginseng; excellent with its distinctive bittersweet flavor. This caramel is a favorite of everyone regardless of age. A soft candy for nourishing all family members and a present for grandparents. Once you start, you can’t stop!