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vehicle safety tripod, led safety tripod, led pointer,
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    ■ Safety tripod for vehicles (safety signal)
     ○ Secondary accident prevention and instruction service LED tripod
     - It is a removable safety tripod that can be attached to the vehicle and can be used for flashing function and direction guidance.

     * Construction and night work / contact / vehicle failurerone, etc.

     ① Using a high-tensile LED and a convex lens, identify about 300 meters during the night
     ② With auto flashing, it is highly visible
     ③ Using a strong neodymium magnet, it can be attached to the desired location (vehicle)
     ④ Easy and easy installation to handle the situation and excellent for preventing secondary accident
     ⑤ Compatible with regular camera tripod
     ⑥ Use the safety bar with flashing function, and use free angle and separation
     ⑥ Separate type enables safe positioning bars, direction










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