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Magic Secret

Health & Beauty   > Skin Care   > Skin Care Serum
anti-wrinkle care , lifting , skin care
Place of Origin
South Korea

1 kic holdings

Country South Korea South Korea

Supplier Grade level1

Response Rate 50%

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Product Information

Magic Secret  



Just three minutes in a row, smooth wrinkles, perfect skin texture!
Wrinkle improvement + elastic + lifting triple functional " triple synergy effect "
A product that produces fast twitch crease and natural ingredients.
Very little white residue after use and sufficient fold effect
Safe toiletries that match the safety standards of the food.



KICHOLDINGS is a company that manufactures and sells natural cosmetics.
We sell and sell oriental soap and beauty soap made from natural ash.
In addition, we are importing and exporting Korean cosmetics targeting the Chinese market.
Through import and export of Korean cosmetics targeting the Chinese market,
which is bigger than Korea
We want to create a brighter future for KICHOLDINGS.