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baby cosmetics, baby cream, nature cream, natural baby cream
Hand Cream , Face Cream & Lotion , Skin Care Set
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SK World Company

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2016
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Product name PETITPUR BABY RICHEST CREAM Certification -
Category Hand Cream
Face Cream & Lotion
Skin Care Set
Ingredients -
Keyword baby cosmetics , baby cream , nature cream , natural baby cream Unit Size 42.0 * 170.0 * 42.0 mm
Brand name PETITPUR Unit Weigh 150 g
origin South Korea Stock -
Supply type - HS code 3304

Product Information

It is advisable to use a foundation cream of natural origin for your child as well as your pregnant mother. For the fetus, you should now refrain from using cosmetics with chemical ingredients. It contains the best natural extracts to add a powerful moisturizing and moisturizing effect to fragile children's skin.
• All from Nature (full of Nature Ingredients)
• Prevent Dehydrating
• Powerful Moisturizing on dry skin
• Soothing Sensitive Face/Body Skin
• Super Hydrating
How to manage your baby's skin in winter
• Make sure you have plenty of water and fruit and vegetable nourishment for sensitive baby skin.
• Frequently change the diaper so that it does not cause skin rash or trouble
• Bath with lukewarm water (36.5 degrees) 1~2 times a day
• After bathing, use natural moisturizer or cream without harmful ingredients to apply your body well.
• When you go out, you should often apply dry areas such as your face or hands.
• Origin : Republic of Korea
• Volume : 100ml
• Validity : 3years from date of Manufacture
• Features : All-kinds of Skin (Dry/Oily Skin)
• Function: Enhances moisturization for soft baby skin
• Age of use : All ages
Key Ingredients
• Centella Asiatica - Wound Healing ; Tiger Grass
• Cactus - Hight Moisturing Content
• Aloe Vera Leaf Water - Cooling Dry/Summer Face/Body Skin
• Shea Butter - Oily Moisture
• Cocos Nucifera Oil - Emolient with Vitamin/Mineral
• Squalan - Delicate Skin-Friendly
• Allantoin - Super Hydrating



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SK World Company

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2016
Business type


Hyeran Kang
11-1 Yeonmujang 11-gil, 5FL.,PETITPUR, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Korea
Product Category
Bath Set,Body Lotion,Skin Care Set
Year Established
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Company introduction


Our children is areal treasure and hope in our future.

Our parentsput their minds on helping their precious children to grow polite, healthy andpure. I was thinking about‘what’s the best one? if I could give something to such pure children.’ I haveconsidered it for a long time and established a company.

I will make good products which can afford them(from young children toteenagers)

the best joy and satisfaction,  Furthermore, I hope to showa good example of social enterprise to support and help children in need.

Above all, I willcherish our employees(whose mom or dad, whose daughter or son) who are workingwith me, and do my best to provide a ideal working environment to meet their need such as family affairs, childcare, individualdevelopment and leisure activities as available for flexible working time ortaking personal long/frequent holidays.

Lastly, I willcontinue to make all-out efforts to provide the best gift to our moms and dadswith all products to be launched in our company.  


PETITPUR is a Brand name of PREMIUM NATURAL COSMETICS which is composed of PURE NATURE INGREDIENTS and made with Mom's genuine mind, hoping that her children can grow all green as pure-hearted people. First, has gotten rid of Chemical Ingredients to cause skin stimulation and trouble, Second, used MILD INGREDIENTS from NATURE, Lastly, made to take SAFE CARE of our baby's delicate & thin skin.  PETITPUR means "PURE, ALL-GREEN, LITTLE CHILD" as a French compound word.  It is a MILD BABY SKINCARE made with NATURE INGREDIENTS so that MOMs can bring PETITPUR products into their arms without any worries, believing that it is a great gift born in all her heart, with all her mind and with all her strength.

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