ARINE-BNWAS (Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System)

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4 SAN Engineering Co.,Ltd.

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    · Meets IMO resolution and fully compliant with the requirements of IEC standards

    · Monitoring of watch officer’s presence for maritime casualty avoidance and bridge safety

    · Designed using standard architecture and can be adapted to all ship types


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    4 SAN Engineering Co.,Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Ieem, Joon-seok

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      Dunchon-daero 546, 4F, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, KOREA

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      Electrical Equipment

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      San Engineering is an R&D-focused company established on the foundations of embedded technology and control system development for vessel automated systems. Currently, we focus on the indigenous production of vessel automated system, maritime platform system, and various other industrial control systems. We offer a variety of user-oriented, convenient, stable, and reliable services. Our outstanding R&D center can control systems to meet our customers' needs. We also have an outstanding track record with major firms in Korea and abroad. As one of the developers engaged in the national initiative for digitalized vessels, we continue to design vessel integration platforms and vessel integration networks.




    • Main Product
      • Integrated Control  Monitoring System

        ARINE-S100 (Integrated Control & Monitoring System)

      • Power Management System

        ARINE-PMS (Power Management System)

      • Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System

        ARINE-BNWAS (Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System)

      • Electronic Chart Display and Information System

        NAVIK-ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display & Information System)

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