ozone water purifier for kitchen laundry ozone shower

ozone water purifier for kitchen laundry ozone shower

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ozone water purifier, ozone spa, ozone shower, tap ozone generator
Cooking Tools , Other Cookware & Cooking Tools , Water Softeners
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Loyye Technology Co., Ltd

Country / Year Established
China China / 1995
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Product name ozone water purifier for kitchen laundry ozone shower Certification -
Category Cooking Tools
Other Cookware & Cooking Tools
Water Softeners
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Product Information


Intelligent ozone water generator



household water sterilization and disinfection

for taps, shower and clothes washing machine,

self-standby and work



Ozone concentration0.2-1.0ppmInput water pressure0.6-1.2kg/cm²
Input water temperature5-30℃Ozonated waterflow200-900L/H

Intelligent micro pulse operational control system
Micro gas-water mixer system
Install it and forget it, auto-standby sleep system
CE & ROHS certified
Produces O2 Oxygen as byproduct
No consumable parts or oxygen gas needed. Use air source
Quick and effective removal of pesticides and herbicides
Kills mold spores, fungus, bacteria and viruses
No nitrogen oxide or toxic byproducts
Continuously produces a flow of ozonated water
Uses DC 12V control system
Easy to use, no regular maintenance
Quiet operation
Unique mini design


Strong Effects


Multiple purification for washing vegetable and fruit with our intelligent ozone water generator
1. enter directly cytomembrane of germ, removal rate reaches 99.00%; 
2. Degrade organophosphorus and pesticide residue effectively for 95%; 
3. Remove heavy metal with 90% through oxidation reaction; 
4. Remove mould and avoid deterioration; 
5. Remove dirt on vegetable;


Test for dimethoate residue on lettuce

SampleTest itemUnitTest result
Lettuce (with dimethoate)dimethoatemg/kg88.6
Lettuce (clean with tap water)dimethoatemg/kg14.2
Lettuce (clean with GSL-2200A)dimethoatemg/kg<0.01



Test of removal rate for E.coli

Name of sampleTest bacteriaTest time

Bacteria count on

control sample (cfu/pcs)

Bacterial count on

test sample


Killing rateKL



Escherichia coli10s1.30*106<1>99.99








Application:Laundry-eliminate mold, fungus, bacteria and virus, remove pesticides and herbicides, and decompose petroleum hydrocarbons.Chef-reduce residual chlorine from tapwater, sterilize food and kitchen ware, disinfect hands, floors, walls, tables; use as cleaning solution for towels and rages. Oxidize and decompose bacteria and pesticides from fruit and vegetable surfaces. Neutralize hormones and smell from meat, keep food fresh and extend usable life. Make food safe

Medical-add the effectiveness of ozone sterilization without the need for consumable oxygen and convert tap water at any faucet to liquid sanitizer. Increase safety and sanitation everywhere that people use water to wash, bathe or irrigate wounds and incisions.


Intelligent ozone water generator uses advanced Inching pulsive operation control systemadvanced micropressure start/stop systemintelligent cooling system, inique miniature gas-water mixer system, non-contact auto standby/sleep/power-saving system;Intelligent ozone water generator is specially designed for kitchen, shower, laundry cleaning with strong performance, low noise, easy operation and no daily maintenance, applicable for daily life and restaurant.

It’s different from other ozone water generator in current market, which has big size, difficult installation and inconvenient usage and need to put tubes into a basin.
Our intelligent ozone water generator can be used to wash fish, remove fishy smell, make fish more delicious; remove smell on hand and utensil, kill becateria and harmful microbe; wash meat to remove hormone and antibiotics, make meat more fresh, make your diet more healthy and life more perfect.
Ozone water generator can be used widely in our daily life: wash hand and remove becateria, remove bad breath; clean furniture and floor, kill becateria, remove odor and prevent germs and mould.
Our intelligent ozone water generator can also be connected with water heater for shower, with laundry machine for wshing clothes, with ice machine to make ice.
Venturi for Clothes washing machine and shower


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Loyye Technology Co., Ltd

Country / Year Established
China China / 1995
Business type


Mr. Zhang
1-2/F, Affiliated Bldg.,Workshop 9,Hedong 2nd Industrial Village,Bao'an District,Shenzhen China
Product Category
Air Cleaners & Parts,Air Purifiers,Humidifiers,Other Home Appliances
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Company introduction


We're far more than assembler!


Loyee Technology Co., Ltd is an environment-friendly high-tech enterprise, integrated with R&D, production and sales of air purifiers and ozone machines.


Our main products includes room air purifier, car air purifier, plasma air purifier, anion ozone generator, ozone water generator, portable ozone generator, wall-mountable ozone generator and other healthcare products. Our machines have been widely used in home, hotel, restaurant, hospital, food store and processing factory, etc. 


We're experienced designer and continue to launch new products for overseas partners, with unique technology and easy way;


We're experienced market researcher and our machines can be used for wide and new application, family to commercial.


We're OEM& ODM provider and can always provide more business opportunity of your own market.


Main Markets

Denmark Denmark

Israel Israel

Lebanon Lebanon

Mexico Mexico

South Korea South Korea

Spain Spain

U.A.E. U.A.E.


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