JEJU GreenTea Chocolate

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chocolate, greentea, snack, jeju assorted chocolate,

4 Agricultural Company JEJUAE Co.,Ltd.

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    JEJU GreenTea Chocolate  





    It's a package of mandarin, hallabong, cactus, green tea,
    and blueberry chocolates.
    JEJU Assorted Chocolate (L) 320×265×35mm
    36 pieces / 8.3% of cocoa ingredient, 2.3% of mandarin powder (Korea, Jeju), 2.3% of
    Hallabong powder (Korea, Jeju), 2.3% cactus powder (Korea, Jeju), 0.7% of green tea
    powder (Korea, Jeju), 1% of blueberry powder (United States) / 216g / 1,170kcal
    JEJU Mandarin Chocolate : 72g
    JEJU Hallabong Chocolate : 36g
    JEJU Cactus Chocolate : 36g
    JEJU Greentea Chocolate : 36g
    JEJU Blueberry Chocolate : 36g




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    4 Agricultural Company JEJUAE Co.,Ltd.

    • Country

      South Korea South Korea
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    • President

      Park Young Sam

    • Address

      애월읍 애원로 515, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, KOREA

    • Product Category

      Chocolate,Jelly & Pudding

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    • Main Product
      • JEJU Hallabong Chocolate

        JEJU Hallabong Chocolate

      • JEJU GreenTea Chocolate

        JEJU GreenTea Chocolate

      • JEJU Mandarin Chocolate

        JEJU Mandarin Chocolate

      • JEJU Assorted Chocolate

        JEJU Blueberry Chocolate

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