PARTRON Blutooth Headset PBH-400

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    PARTRON Blutooth Headset PBH-400  



    * Hybrid type (between neckband and cable) Bluethooth Headset Super Full Range Driver Unit (High Resolution Grade)
    * Super Full Range Driver Unit (High Resolution Grade)    
    * Modern and Simple Design    
    * Bluetooth Multi-Pairing Support    
    * Voice Prompt of Croise.R reads SNS and text message (Android Only)    
    * Long Battery : 120mAh  (10days@ Stanby, 8 Hr @ Talk/Music, 1.5 Hr @ Charging)    
    * Vibration Notice for Disconnection    
    * Flexible and easy carrying type    
    * EQ adjustable through App.     


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    8 Partron

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Kim Jong Gu

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      22, Samsung 1-2 Hwangsungsi Gyeonggido 445-170 Partron

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      Other Machinery & Industry Equipment,Karaoke Players & Amplifiers,Connectors

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    • Company introduction

      Technical innovation is occurring in the field of NT,BT and IT. More specifically, Wireless technology provides us life transition. To be the leader in the field of RF components that are core technology in RF business, PARTRON was established by the key figures who had led the RF business in Samsung Electro-Mechanics on january 2003. PARTRON has begun business with acquiring mobile phone duplexer and isolator business from Samsung Electro-Mechanics on March 2003. PARTRON has daringly invested in R&D for bring about technological innovation in existing business and brought new business as well. PARTRON is divided into components for mobile phone, telecommunication system and other component which includes home application, computer, MP3, microwave and navigation. PARTRON also consist of Chip ANT, INTENNA, GPS ANT and Camera Moudle, Crystal Oscillator, Isolator and Duplex. Recently, PARTRON has completed development of Optical Finger mouse, RF module, Capacitor, Sensor and Vibrate Motor.

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