Fresh Seedless Limes from Vietnam

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Viet Nam
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Hang Xanh Co., LTD
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lime, green lemon, seedless, citrust fruit,
Citrus Fruit & Coconuts , Other Vegetables

Hang Xanh International Co., LTD

Country / Year Established
Viet Nam Viet Nam / 2000
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Product name Fresh Seedless Limes from Vietnam Certification -
Category Citrus Fruit & Coconuts
Other Vegetables
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Product Information


About Green Limes

Lime is a term referring to a citrus fruit which is typically round, green to yellow in  colour , 4–6 cm in diameter, and containing sour and acidic pulp.
Limes are a good source of vitamin C, and are often used to accent the flavours of  foods and beverages. They are grown all year round and are usually smaller and  less sour than lemons.



More Details

- Grade: A

- Color : slim peel, green outside
- Weight: 13 - 18 pieces/kg
- Size: diameter 4-6 cm
- Shelf life : within 60 days
- Certification: PHYTO, C/O
- Quantity capacity : large quantity

- Type: seedless lime
- Cultivation Type: Common
- Taste: sour, supply vitamin C, characteristic odor
- Be selected carefully, succulent, without split
- Expiry: How to preserve is decided.



Buy large lemons and limes, they tend to be much sweeter. Make sure that the skin is thin, those are much juicier. A fresh lemon or lime should give a little when squeezed or pressed with your thumb. 

To obtain more of the juice from lemons, limes or oranges, microwave on high for 30 seconds and then let stand for a couple of minutes before cutting and squeezing. Rolling them between your hand and the counter will also help release more juice.

Lemons and limes will keep out of direct sunlight on the counter for several days and depending on how fresh they are up to a week. For best results keep in the refrigerator in the crisper drawer where they will keep much longer than at room temperature. This goes for oranges and tangerines, too.

You can zest them and freeze the zest in a plastic container or bag for use in recipes. Freeze the juice in ice cube trays. You can also freeze the whole fruit and when ready to use let defrost a couple of hours before squeezing. Microwaving the frozen fruit for 30 seconds works, too.

Lemons and limes are high in Vitamin C and potassium and have little fat and calories. They are full of vitamins. You should always buy local and organic if possible.



B2B Trade

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Hang Xanh International Co., LTD

Country / Year Established
Viet Nam Viet Nam / 2000
Business type
173, Dien Bien Phu St, Ward 15, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City
Product Category
Agrochemicals & Pesticides,Fish & Bone Meal
Year Established
No. of Total Employees
Company introduction

Year of establishment : Hang Xanh International was established in 2000 by our general director Thanh Minh Dang (Mrs.) with strong background of exporting Vietnamese agricultural and seafood products.

Total office staff : 50-100 people.



We are proud that Hang Xanh is one of the most exporter of Agricultural and Seafood products in Vietnam.

We have experiences with many markets in the world:

America : USA, Mexico, 

Europe market : Poland, Britain, 

Asia market :China, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, Philippine…

Middle East market : Pakistan, Bangladesh…



Building and developing Hang Xanh International into a strong company, with high prestige both at home and abroad.


Customer : Serving our customer with best quality of product, on time delivery, and the best competitive price.

Partners : Building and developing long term mutual benefit business relationships, helping and supporting each other to solve the problems.



Main Markets

Algeria Algeria

Egypt Egypt

Hong Kong(China) Hong Kong(China)

India India

Japan Japan

South Korea South Korea

N.Zealand N.Zealand

Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia


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