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Refrigeration & Heat Exchange Machinery , Other General Industrial Equipment , Furniture Machines
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Hingo Refrigeration Equipment Factory

Country / Year Established
China China / 1988
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Product name Conventional Temperature Dehumidifier for Furniture Certification -
Category Refrigeration & Heat Exchange Machinery
Other General Industrial Equipment
Furniture Machines
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Mainly featuring Material Dehumidification (Dehydrator) and Air Dehumidifier, Polar-Chiller Industrial Dehumidifiers come in various types: Conventional with heating-up Type, High-Temperature Type, conventional Temperature Type, Adjustable Temperature Type, Low-temperature & Low-moisture Type, Floor Standing Type, Wall-Mount Type, and Ceiling Type. Specific models are catered for varying working conditions of industries. With over 20 years of R&D sophistication, Polar-Chiller has been a national market leader in the dehumidifying industry.
Polar-Chiller Industrial Dehumidifiers are widely used in various fields. E.g. Normal space dehumidifying or material dehydration; Be it in a high or low temperature working environment, entailing moisture-proof & rust-proof production process, Polar-Chiller Industrial Dehumidifier series has a model that best suits your varying dehumidifying requirements.

Product Features
- Utilizes industrial-grade thickened brass, sheet metal, industrial dedicated heat sink. Heat exchangers are made of copper, aluminium or stainless steel.
- Manual or automatic control with double protection, ensuring uninterrupted operation.
- 2 control options: A) stand-alone mechanical control, using USA branded humidity controller; B) microcomputer control & LCD display of temperature and humidity using top-brand humidity sensor. All control and protection components are operated with independent, secure components. Reliability and durability are highly fulfilled.
- Equipped with high-performance protective device, the dehumidifier can operate in low or high temperature and high humidity environment. Polar dehumidifiers still outperform at 10℃, and function exceptionally well at a temperature as low as 5℃.
- Non-stop performance during defrosting with Dual-mode control.
- Refrigerant: R-22 (Also available are R407C/R134a/R410a/ R404a)
- Excellent protection: Time Delay, Overload Protection, Automatic Humidity Control, Automatic Defrost, Pressure display & Control, Temperature Protection, Overload Protection, and Error Display, etc.

Application Area
Polar-Chiller dehumidifiers function well at such venues as workshop, laboratory, storeroom, warehouse, swimming pool, machine room, filing room, library, bank safe, rooms installed/ stored with electronics, semi-conductors, precise scientific apparatus, medicinal herbs, etc.
The crude materials need to be dehumidified or stored in a dry room such as the food, the chemical, the marine product, the farm products, the printed matter, the crude drug, the lumber, the furniture, the paper, the polyester fibre and so on.

Conventional Temperature Dehumidifier
- It is suitable for material’s or products’ dehumidifying and drying in normal temperature, as well as working place’s dehumidifying.
- Use temp:5℃-40℃
- Bigger dehumidifying capacity. When it is under operation, outlet air temperature is similar with inlet air temperature. This will not obvious increase inside temperature or AC’s load.
- Power source: 1Φ220V 50(60)HZ; 3Φ380V 50(60)HZ
- Dehumidify capacity:8L/h – 100L/h
- There’s air-cooled type and water-cooled type with different installation options so that it can be widely used in different situation and places.
- It can ensure food’s flavour especially for sea products’ and aquatic product or similar products’ drying.


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Hingo Refrigeration Equipment Factory

Country / Year Established
China China / 1988
Business type


Kylie Li
Liandu Industial Park, Leliu, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong, China
Product Category
Other General Industrial Equipment,Refrigeration & Heat Exchange Machinery
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HINGO REFRIGERATION EQUIPMENT FACTORY is one of the earliest manufacturers of industrial refrigeration and dehumidification equipment established in Mainland China. Specialized products in Polar-Chiller brand range from industrial chiller, industrial dehumidifier, heat pump dryer, industrial air conditioner, refrigerated compressed-air dryer, sauna & swimming pool series etc.


It was established in Hong Kong in 1988, and its manufacturing factory was built in Shunde in 1990, is highly professional in R&D, design, processing, production, testing in industrial cooling, dehumidifying and constant temperature equipment. With the belief of ‘Ever Improving In Pursuit of Excellence’ and through the use of state-of-the-art production facilities and techniques, more than 20 years of skills and a team of experienced technicians, we make relentless endeavour to provide quality products for a variety of conventional and specific applications.


The design of all Polar-Chiller products are based on industrial applications. All components, which match stringent requirements, are of superior industrial grade coupled with world-renowned semi-components. Key parts are processed with anti-erosive treatment. Protection systems are enhanced with reliable independent components. According to different working environments, Polar-Chiller equipment can self-adjust operation parameters to ensure its stability and durability, even in the most adverse industrial surroundings.


The superior quality and state-of-the-art technology of our products have been widely recognized among domestic and overseas markets, with a remarkable sales volume coming from all over the world.


At Hingo, we strive unyieldingly to lift our product standard, quality, functionality by means of greater resources allocated to R&D, in a bid to achieve the widest range of application, and satisfy the needs of the largest variety of industries.


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