UTIMS A3-R HIFU Face lifting & Body tightening machine

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    Product name UTIMS A3-R HIFU Face lifting & Body tightening machine Certification CE
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    We are very pleased to introduce ourselves as one of main HIFU treatment machine manufacturers in Korea.


    My name is Kylie Lee. I would like to take this chance and introduce you our company and quality products.

    Our company Korust is specialized in HIFU technology and its continuous development.

    I believe that you have seen a lot of Korean company who is manufacturing HIFU product.

    But we have different technology to reduce the pain and secure more safety during HIFU treatment.

    I have enclosed the introduction of our technology(centerless) for your study. 





    -UTIMS A3 : HIFU for face lifting and body slimming

    -UTIMS MINI : The world’s smallest HIFU (new)



    Our company values technology and here are a couple things to point out.


    1.     Centerless transducer – we developed a centerless transducer for less painful treatment as well as reducing side effects such as burn


    2.     Line treatment – the older version only had a dot line treatment on the transducer, but the newer one has a line treatment available, which makes a faster but less painful treatment. (More people can tolerate the treatments and still have an effective result when combined with line & dot treatments.)


    3.     Back mode – with one push of the button, the motor on the transducer goes forwards and comes back, making two lines of treatment with one push – faster treatment time and convenience for doctors.


    4.     Pin-point type transducers available and compatible with the device. The device also has an extra handpiece port for customers who might be interested in pin-point type transducers for eye area and narrow wrinkle lines, and areas with curves. This option opens the possibility for customers to add different transducers as they need.



    5.     Transducers of 15,000 shot count. The new device comes with 15,000 shot transducers which will be beneficial for customers when they purchase the device.


    6.     Phantom test – we have the professional testing lab and a research team for making sure every transducer we produce is stable and safe. When other competitors test theirs on acrylic, we use phantom that is made of albumin protein (more like our skin cell)


    7.      U-LINK Remote service- by connecting U-LINK, you can receive remote service. If you have software problem, we can fix iright away by remote control.



    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    I will look forward to hearing back from you




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      282 hagui-ro, Keumkang Penterium IT Tower,718,717,#B-716, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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      Other Beauty Equipment

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      KORUST CO., LTD is a medical device manufacturer in Korea.

      We are specialized in HIFU technology and all of our HIFU devices have CE, ISO 13485, GMP, KFDA, and FSC. 



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    • Verified Certificate CE
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