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    South Korea South Korea

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    - Automatic Detection
    - Voice Guidance
    - Automatic measurement storage
    - Store Connection
    - Connection between VION and Mobile
    - Expert mode / Gerneral Mode
    - Easy Storage
    - Data sending Function
    - Complete Detail / Analysis
    - Multilingual Support
    - Safty





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    4 YTECH

    • Country

      South Korea South Korea
    • Supplier Activity

    • President

      Kim Yong Man

    • Address

      RN 209, Startup-Dong, KETI 25, Saenari-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    • Product Category

      Electronic Measuring Instruments

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    • Company introduction

      YTECH is a start up that developing and producting a new concep digital Multimeter VION.


      Our product VION is a unique and innovative electrical measuring instrument.

      VION does not need complicated operation like existing products, and there is no

      measuring body that is inconvenient to use.


      There is only one pair of probes. All wok will be done by VION and personal mobile phone with

      using the bluetooth function.


      VION has innovative features such as automatic measurment, automatic storage, voice guidance,

      data sennding function, online shop connection, multilingual language features and compact design.etc


      VION will provide users with safty, accuracy and convenenience to help them achieve the best results for

      their intended use..

    • Main Markets
      • U.S.A U.S.A
    • Main Product
      • Vion


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