Ceramic King(Superhydrophobic Nano-Ceramic Coating for cars)

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Ceramic King
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    Product name Ceramic King(Superhydrophobic Nano-Ceramic Coating for cars) Certification -
    Category Other Chemicals
    Car Care Equipment
    Car Care Products
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    Keyword car care products , ceramic coating , 9h , automobile coating Unit Size 4.0 * 16.0 * 4.0 cm
    Brand name Ceramic King Unit Weigh 101 g
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    Ceramic King

    Ceramic King 9H is designed for anyone to easily apply a high-end ceramic coatings, and It is one of the most effective coating product for car surface developed by CNS TECH INC.

    It has a great sleek and gloss. Ceramic King 9H also has a unique feature called “Zombie Effect” which is a special method of curing where the coated surface cures with the H2O in the atmosphere. If the coated surface is damaged by strong chemicals the “Zombie Effect” allows the coated surface to recure within 3~4days and the coating effects will build back.

    Although it is a DIY-self ceramic coat, it can resist bug removers, tar removers, iron removers, multi cleaner, and other very strong chemical.





    Paint, Plastic, Wheel, Glass

    Super water-repellent,

    anti-stain, anti-pollution,

    convenient construction,

    Easy clean, Ice phobic


    Up to 24 months

    Drying time

    10 hours

    Curing time

    7 days


    Personal Owners & Professional Shops



     CNS TECH INC. possesses various kinds of certificates, awards and patents to prove that we always provide the most effective and reliable products to the world.

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    4 CNS TECH

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Jong Hee Park

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      T321, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea

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      Automobiles,Coating & Paint,Car Care Equipment,Car Care Products,Car Cleaning Tools

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    • Company introduction

       CNS TECH INC. is a Korean company that researches and develops Ceramic Coating products for automobile industries, and it is currently occupied in Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(KAIST) with speciallized know-how and expertise in Ceramic coating research and development technology. 


       CNS TECH INC. possesses various kinds of related patents to develop products that meet with all six conditions of an innovative coating agent, which are durability, functionality, cost-effectiveness, stability, environmental friendliness, and easy application.

       In Korea, CNS TECH INC. has more than 150 detailing franchise shops and it provides around 50 companies OEM supplies. Also, CNS TECH INC. is providing products to various countries like USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Indonesia, Singapore and so on.

       CNS TEHC INC. has developed more than 15 kinds of products, and they are generally divided into two types :

        1. High end Professional Grade products with extreme quality that are applied by professional detailers.

        2. Do-it-yourself products that can be easily used by anyone. 

       CNS TECH INC. is looking forward to do business with more and more companies around the world, and we always promise the best quality.

    • Main Markets
      • Canada Canada
      • Germany Germany
      • U. Kingdom U. Kingdom
      • Indonesia Indonesia
      • Netherland Netherland
      • Singapore Singapore
      • Thailand Thailand
      • U.S.A U.S.A
    • Factory Information
      • 씨앤에스테크(주)용인지사
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        Ceramic King(Superhydrophobic Nano-Ceramic Coating for cars)

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