Labiotte wine cleanser cream

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South Korea
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cleanser, skin, skin care, wine,
Facial Care

JH international

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South Korea South Korea / 2014
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Product name Labiotte wine cleanser cream Certification -
Category Facial Care Ingredients -
Keyword cleanser , skin , skin care , wine Unit Size -
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Supply type - HS code 3304

Product Information

This is the balm type of cleanser.

At first, just apply this cleansing cream on your hands or face for cleansing.

Then it will be come a milk-type smooth liquid on your temperature so that it cleans remains clearly.



B2B Trade

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JH international

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2014
Business type
Jisoo Kim
Chungra Emerald-ro 84 Second Delight 511, Seo-gu, Incheon, KOREA
Product Category
Beauty Products Agents,Other Consumer Electronics
Year Established
Company introduction
Hello.JH is the trading company originated from succesful online-sourcing mall named "New Turn".We are treating a variety of products such as Korean cosmetics, furnitures, photo frames, electronic wheels and so on. The most pros of our company is that we can give you the information and the feedback faster than other company and it will make you to keep in touch with customers well. Also, there are some unique items that we treat comparing to other companies such as stem cell cosmetics, skin care products constituted with condensed hydrogen.(Cause we are interesting in cutting edge science technology also)Hope to make and keep good relation between our company and buyers here. Thanks.
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