Disassembly Jig for separating smart phone manually (RG-271)

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South Korea
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repair, open back, glass disassembly,
Other Machinery Parts , Hand Tools


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South Korea South Korea / 2005
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Product name Disassembly Jig for separating smart phone manually (RG-271) Certification -
Category Other Machinery Parts
Hand Tools
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Keyword repair , open back , glass disassembly Unit Size 260.0 * 240.0 * 210.0 mm
Brand name - Unit Weigh 4 kg
origin South Korea Stock -
Supply type - HS code 7326

Product Information

Application: Manually disassemble back cover or LCD and glass assembly of various kinds of Smartphone. 

Our previous disassembly jig RG-270 which used micrometer is rather slow for expert technician who wants to quickly operate disassembly.

We changed turning part to disassemble into Knob screw with black head to turn instead of micrometer for fast operation.

Lower plate of Previous disassembly jig is upgraded into bearing and black ball structure to clamp suitable mobile phone. Because mobile phone has various kinds, when it is placed on lower plate, it is normal for it to have some space but it cannot be away from lower frame.

If you try to use strong double sided sticky tape and plastic plate, please place the phone lower and push upper plate to downward to meet suction cup onto surface of phone without leaking.





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RG-271 Explanation.pdf

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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2005
Business type
Leem Chae Youl
648 Seobusaesgil Geumcheon-gu, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea
Product Category
Electrical Supplies
Year Established
No. of Total Employees
Company introduction
Leapinginto the world and making the future
With BestProduct! Best Technical Support! Best (Fast) Action Time!
In order to develop technology and content suitablefor the needs of the era, Regen-i Co., Ltd. operates an active organizationalmindset and affiliated research institute. Based on this, we secured 33 patentsand intellectual property rights as of 2016.
We are leading the market share of standardizedrepair equipment for Smart phones since 2012 with constant technologicalinnovation and have been delivering our products to approximately 4,000branches in 30 countries overseas since 2013.
Above all, we promise to do our best to satisfy ourcustomers and partners.
2017 ~
Feb: Designated by NICE as an excellent technology evaluationcompany by industrial equipment
Apr: Development of both Rear Cover Disassembly jig(RG-250) andSmartphone Compression system(RG-260) for LG Electronics G6 model andCompleting delivery of its service center
2016 ~
Jun: BGA REWORK SYSTEM Delivered to LG Electronics Service centers (80units)
Jun:.06 Accomplished to 600 units cumulative sales volume of BGA REWORKSYSTEM
Feb: Participated in Hong KongWorld IT Show
Apr: Participated in Singapore Security Show
Dec: Reached to 5,000 units Exports of Mobile dryers
2014 ~
Apr: Participated in NEPCON KOREA Exhibition (COEX)
2013 ~
Oct: Delivered to 200 Samsung Service Centers for BGA REWORK SYSTEM
2012 ~
Apr: Participated in NEPCON KOREA Exhibition (COEX)
Aug: Participated in KINTEX Exhibition
2011 ~
Feb: Registration of Best Korea trademark and service mark
Jul: Establishment and registration of Regen-i Research Institute




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