Daily Whole Grain Cereal

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7 Welltural Co.

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    Daily Whole Grain Cereal





    [5 flavor] (Brown Rice, Cacao, Wheat seeds, Citrus, Berry mix)


    Brown Rice

    10 healthy foods selected by 100 professionals - 3rd [Brown Rice]
    100% Korean Brown Rice without additives



    Cacao containing Polyphenol which is effective to sulfation
    100% Dutch Cacao without sugar


    Wheat Sprout

    Rich Dietary Fiber, Low Calorie Deintoxication Function from Vitamin  and Mineral!

    Beloved ingredient, Wheat Sprout



    Fragrant and fresh Citrus, Grapefruit, Orange powder are contained.
    Fresh natural vitamin / Rich Vitamin C


    Berry Mixed

    10 healthy foods selected by 100 professionals: 5th [Berries]
    Acai Berry + Blue Berry + Strawberry



    1. Korean Whole Grains / Cereal& Nut products/Dried Fruits/Oatmeal healthy to body   

    2. Healthy Grain Powder dissolved tastily in Milk -  17 Healthy powder containing 9 Korean Grains

        and 8 Korean Garden Fruits grown away in the Clean Nature 

    3. 11 Healthy Functional Ingredients with Essential Nutrients for age and youth/all family -

        More healthy nutrients in One pouch with 11 healthy functional ingredients






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    7 Welltural Co.

    • Country

      South Korea South Korea
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    • President

      Yeonghwan Kim

    • Address

      gasanmyeon 612-31 cheonpyeongri welltural, Chilgok-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea

    • Product Category

      Other Foods

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    • Company introduction

       Our company run a business about food manufacture,  distribution, sales.

      The kinds of products is Nuts, cereal and protein shake.

      We sell on TV Homeshopping and large supermarket, department store.

      The total sales is 400 billion-won.

      we will begin its move to newly-built building late this year.


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