Nurugo CPR manikin

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Medical Test Kit , Other Examination & Testing Instrumnet

4 bestCPR,Inc.

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    Product name Nurugo CPR manikin Certification -
    Category Medical Test Kit
    Other Examination & Testing Instrumnet
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    Keyword cpr trainer , cpr manikins , cpr mannequins , manikin mannequin Unit Size 350.0 * 630.0 * 210.0 mm
    Brand name Nurugo Unit Weigh 4 kg
    origin South Korea Stock -
    Supply type - HS code 9023009000
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    1. A neck that is very similar to human anatomy


    Can rotate 15˚ left and right 2-layer joint at top and bottom for the joint that moves forward and backward



    2. Frequency for applying pressure to the chest is instructed by beats


    Metronome beat instruction through speaker Beats go off according to the rate of 110 times per minute



    3. Accurate AED pad application function


    Reduces the rate of faulty pad application on the collarbone by the collarbone that is designed to be more noticeable

    (Apply in the area along the ‘line between the middle chest area-armpit’ according to location for frontal-side application)



    4. Visual feedback function


    LED on manikin forehead to display feedback Chest pressure depth 5cm, frequency at 100~200 times per minute Notifies the trainee of satisfactory CPR performance



    5. Audio feedback function


    Speaker at the bottom for feedback, “Press deeper”, “Press faster”, “You are doing well”, “Relax the chest”














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    4 bestCPR,Inc.

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      Founded in 2007, "Best CPR" has been long renowned as number one manufacturer of CPR manikin and AED trainer in Korea. We have always focused on developing high-quality device that can save human's lives. Our best products are Nurugo CPR manikin and R-ligo AED trainer. We are always trying our best to develop most advanced and updated device, to protect precious human's lives all over the world.

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      • Nurugo CPR manikin

        Nurugo CPR manikin

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