Surge Protective Device

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14 Sung Jin Techwin Co., Ltd.

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    SPD ? Surge Protective device

    AC Power SPD

    ▶ AC Power SPD
    ▶ SPD Class:Class 1   Class 2
    ▶ Installation Type:Screw mounting
    ▶ Connection Type Parallel Connnection
    ▶ Operating voltage:AC 220V AC 380V
    ▶ Uc:LN AC 320V  N PE AC 255V
    ▶ Up:< 2.5kV
    ▶ Status Indicator Green LED : Power Red LED : Fault

    ▶ IP Code:IP67
    ▶ Case Material : Aluminum
    ▶ Installation Location : Outdoor and Indoor
    ▶  Option Surge Counter
    ▶  Option Intelligent Surge Logger
    ▶  Option Disconnector must be installed to ensure stability
    ▶  waterproof : dust proof, explosion proof design
    ▶  Model Size : SJ-2208C2MO/SJ-2212C1MO : 152x145x85.5 mm
                             SJ-3408C2MO : 152x180x85.5 mm
                             SJ-3412C1MO : 152x200x85.5 mm

                             SJ-3425C1MO : 191x187x85.5 mm




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    14 Sung Jin Techwin Co., Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      256-8 In-dong, Dong-gu, Daejeon, Korea

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      SungJin Techwin specializes in the innovative design and development of electronic components, military products, UAVs and handsfree car kits. We are fully equipped to engineer and manufacture products through the utilization of advanced manufacturing tools and programs (Six Sigma and ISO9001/2000) and other diagnostic methods of design and manufacturing.

      SungJin Techwin has obtained certifications with many distinguished registers such as CE, UL, VDE and TUV. As we position ourselves as the leading manufacturer in innovative design, we are aggressively developing and promoting newly patented products. The newly developed products are value-added communication and electronic products for the global market.

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      • Surge Protective Device

        Surge Protective Device

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