Activated Carbon

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Adsorbent , AdsorbentActivated Carbon , AdsorbentMolecular Sieves

9 3AC Co., Ltd.

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    AdsorbentActivated Carbon
    AdsorbentMolecular Sieves
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    Activated Carbon





    Activated carbon produced by our own technology.

    There are pellet type and granular type for lineup and these product could be used at Air treatment

    appliance and water treatment appliance.

    We could customize activated carbon to remove target gases that you want.

    - Type : Coal, Coconut shell
    - BET : Over 650
    - pH : 5~9
    - Hardness : Over 97
    - Moisture : Under 3





    Activated Carbon

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    9 3AC Co., Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      ROOM. C-310 WOOLIM LION'S VALLEY GASAN-DONG, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea

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      Air Conditioners

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      3AC is an abbreviation for leading technology Development in the field of Activated carbon , Air cleaner , Aqua Cleaner , in hopes of becoming the best in the enviropment field.Our company 3AC with Activated carbon based business, We focus on filter business.We provide filters for fresh water and clean air with the focal point in filters. We have wide knowledge of chemical and enviropmental accelerators, analysis, specification ,Application and production, including partners and suppliers network . Also 3AC Is doing research programs with Ajou university’s educational-industrial laboratoryWe will try to do the best with any requirement . Feel free to ask us.

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      • Activated Carbon

        Activated Carbon

      • Deodorizing Filter

        Deodorizing Filter

      • Dust Collecting Filter

        Dust Collecting Filter

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