Solar fiber optic luminescent sign

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solar sign, traffic sign, solar traffic sign, iuminescent sign,
Traffic Signal


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    Product name Solar fiber optic luminescent sign Certification -
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    Keyword solar sign , traffic sign , solar traffic sign , iuminescent sign Unit Size 900.0 * 900.0 * 80.0 mm
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    Solar fiber optic luminescent sign


    Fix the end of the fiber along the pattern of retroreflective sign and induce light from the internal LED to the optical fiber to emit light


  • By maximizing power efficiency with fiber optics,
    long-term function is maintained even with small amount of generated power of small solar module
  • Due to the selective use of ultra-high-brightness LED devices and the robust durability of optical fiber,
    stable operation is maintained for at least 10 years

    Politic effects


  • No sign information distortion due to partial failure
  • Acquisition of effective authority with high quality
  • Minimized adverse effects such as power waste, electric shock, light pollution, pests
  • Excellent distinguishability and attraction without dazzling
  • Provides superior visibility and reading distance




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      South Korea South Korea
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      474 Yongmasan-ro, Jungnang-gu, Seoul, Korea

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      Traffic Signal

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      kimsad Inc is always thinking of the road and people, and will try our best to create the products provide a consistent maintenance services.


      kimsad  Inc is a fiber optic and LED combing technical experts. We also produce a company to study the professional optical and sun light traffic sign small self-running solar power generation / storage areas and traffic areas.


      Research and development
      through continuous technology and product development, we make sure that our services meet customer! To enhance our core technology and business, we are dedicated in R & D.


      Solar powered traffic signs

      Symbols inside the optical fiber, the interior lights will be displayed through the LED.

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      • Solar fiber optic luminescent sign

        Solar fiber optic luminescent sign

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        Solar fiber optic luminescent sign2

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        Solar fiber optic luminescent sign3

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