50kW PV Inverter (Photovoltaic Inverter)

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    Product name 50kW PV Inverter (Photovoltaic Inverter) Certification -
    Category Solar Energy System
    Solar Chargers & Controllers
    Other Solar Energy Products
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    Keyword photovoltaic energy , photovoltaic inverter , pv inverter , solar power Unit Size 665.0 * 869.0 * 263.0 mm
    Brand name ESP50K Unit Weigh 65 kg
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    ■50kW PV Inverter (Photovoltaic Inverter)

    -. PV inverter for power generation (KS certified).

    -. Easy installation with built-in combiner box.

    -. Two input terminals allow serial and parallel installation.

    -. It can be used for power plants by installing multiple units.

    -. APP monitoring function enables you to check the inverter status from anywhere.


    ■50kW PV Inverter (Photovoltaic Inverter)

    -. Inverter for solar power generation.

    -. Anyone can check the status of inverter by Korean LCD.

    -. Built-in Combiner box for the first time in Korea, acquired K/S certification.

    -. IoT terminal APP monitoring function.

    -. 3-phase 3-wire, 3-phase 4-wire grid connection.



    ■50kW PV Inverter (Photovoltaic Inverter)


    -. Max. DC power : 52,000W


    -. Max. Input voltage : 1,000V


    -. Operating voltage range : 200V ~ 1,000V


    -. Rated output : 50,000W


    -. Number of phase : 3phase 3-wire, 3phase 4-wire


    -. Rated output voltage :  3phase 380V (Line voltage)


    -. Rated Frequency : 60Hz


    -. Operating temp : -25℃ ~ 50℃



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      South Korea South Korea
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      Kim Jae Man

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      334-1 Cheongho-ri,Jinwi Industrial Complex, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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      Solar Chargers & Controllers

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      Dong Yang E&P is one of Asia's leading energy and power solution manufacturers. Dong Yang is capable to provide customized products in accordance with customer's requests and specifications with a sufficient business experience with big companies such as Samsung, LG, Hanwha and Hyundai. We can design and manufacture reliable and efficient products all by ourselves and there is no problem to produce for huge amount (mass production). Dong Yang will grow into a global new renewable energy group that provides products and services that contribute to the preservation of the global environment with its consecutive competence and efficient development system. Our headquarters is located in Pyeongtaek, Korea and we also have a China plant, India plant and two Vietnam plants.

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      • 50kW PV Inverter _Photovoltaic Inverter_

        50kW PV Inverter (Photovoltaic Inverter)

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        25kW PV Inverter (Photovoltaic Inverter)

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