Zinc Supplement 88 IMMUNE ION PLUS

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    Quick Details

    Name : 88 IMMUNE PLUS

    Product : Zinc Supplement / Nutritional Supplement

    Form : pack

    Content : 10ml X 30 EA (300ml) / 1 Box

    Ingredients : Water, Concoction[water, Magnesium Sulfate, zinc sulfate, potassium sulfate]

    Amount of intake : 1 pack per 1 day

    Manufacturer : bio rosette (http://www.erosette.co.kr/)

    Sale agent : Gabian

    Consumer Consulting Center : BeautifulLAB

    Nutrition Facts :

    Amount Per Serving

    Calories 0kcal

    Zinc 4.5 mg 53% (Daily Value)

    “88 IMMUNE ION PLUS” necessary for normal immune function

    “Drinking ZINC IONs and get IMMUNITY”


    Zinc Supplement approved by Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety | 10ml X 30 ea (300ml)


    How to take? Mix 1 stick of “88 IMMUNE ION PLUS” with 500ml of water

    Zinc deficiency raises the risk of disease. Zinc concentration in the body is related to the degree of immune response.

    If our body lacks zinc, 1. Decreased immunity, 2. Skin diseases such as atopy, acne, pustule, and eczema, 3. Hair loss, 4. Sexual weakness, prostate abnormality, menstrual irregularity, 5. Frequent illness such as colds, 6. Decline in child growth

    Since zinc absorption rate is only 10 to 40%, zinc deficiency cannot be solved by food intake alone. Therefore, an extra supplement is required to replenish a stable supplementation of zinc.

    Zinc improves hormone activation, bone density, brain function, and immunity!

     Take “88 IMMUNE ION PLUS”, and get immunity

    1.     Containing zinc, magnesium, and potassium Ions – Immediately absorbed immunity

    2.     Drinking as water - There is no worry about chemical side effects.

    3.     Containing 50% of daily recommended amount of Zinc



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    7 BeautifulLAB

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