High efficiency cooling rate DISTRIBUTOR of die casting mold

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7 Oseong Tech Co., Ltd.

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    For high efficiency of the die casting cooling channel, the explosive cladding prosess applied to SKD 61 cooling channel by using pure Cu bush. in result, we obtained uniformly temperature distribution, high cooling rate and high casting shape accuracy.


    1.Technology Definition : Development of high efficiency cooling channel technology using explosive welding method.
    2.Application items : Die casting mold cooling channel, insert part and distributor
    3.Application benefit : Mold temperature uniformity, soldering prevent, leak proof
    4.Preparing material : SKD61, Pure Cu, fixing jigs and ANFO explosion. etc



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    7 Oseong Tech Co., Ltd.

    • Country

      South Korea South Korea
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    • President

      Kim Jungil

    • Address

      Okgucheonseo-ro 237 beon-gil,7, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    • Product Category

      Other Chemicals

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      [Company Introduction]


      1. History

      2003 Established Osung Tech Co., Ltd.

      2005 Acquired ISO 9001 Quality Certification

      2007 Moved factory (own factory)

      2009 Established affiliated research institute

      2011 Acquired INNO-BIZ Certification

      2013 10th anniversary of establishment

      2014 Registered as a root technology company

      2015 Moved factory (own factory)

      2016 Selected as export million-dollar tower

      2018 N E T Certification


      2. Vision

      "Developing good quality molds quickly with a reasonable price.

      Let's be the best introduction mold company in Korea "



      3. Representative Business Model

      Transparent management (customer satisfaction management), talent training of the best mold technology, enhancement of national competitiveness



      [Product Description]


      Ohsung Tech is a large scale die casting mold designing and specializing company, and it produces excellent mold products of global standard based on continuous research and development and accumulated technology. 


      Ohsung Tech is a specialized manufacturer of large die casting molds for automobile engine and mission parts. In addition, our company includes hot stamping mold making.



      [Product Features]


      Supplying superior products to automobile-related companies at home and abroad including Hyundai Powertech, GM Korea, Hyundai Motor Group and KODACO, Osung Tech is building a solid reputation as a specialist in the design and manufacture of molds for automobile engine and transmission parts. With its development of hot stamped products, the company is currently preparing to become Korea’s first choice for mold manufacturing.


      - A/T Con HSG

      - A/T TM Case

      - Crank Case Lower

      - Cylinder Block

      - CLU HSG

      - CTR PLR, Roof OTR

      - Ladder Frame

      - Hot Stamping


    • Main Product
      • High efficiency cooling rate INSERT of die casting mold

        High efficiency cooling rate INSERT of die casting mold

      • High efficiency cooling rate DISTRIBUTOR of die casting mold

        High efficiency cooling rate DISTRIBUTOR of die casting mold

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