Umji Vegetables Fried Rice

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3 UMJIFOOD Co., Ltd.

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    Umji Vegetables Fried Rice



    1. Product Features 
     It is delicious fried rice made with fresh vegetables.
     It tastes neat and tastes good for children's snacks and meals.

    2. How to use the product
     This product can be cooked in a pan with frozen fried rice, or easily cooked in a microwave.

    3. Cooking method
    ▪  Place cooking pan - Heat pan with cooking oil over medium heat. Place frozen fried rice in a

       heated pan, stirring with a spatula, and cook for about 4 minutes.
    ▪  Microwave - Place frozen fried rice in a microwave container and cook it in the microwave.

       (Based on 700W: 4 minutes / 1,000W): About 3 minutes and 30 seconds)

    4. Product caution
    - Storage method: Refrigeration storage (below-18°C): Store in the freezer at home.
     - It's already been frozen, so please don't allow it to cool again after thawing.
     - It is a frozen food, so be sure to heat it according to the recipe.
     - The cooking time may vary depending on the quantity of products or the type of cooking container.
     - Do not leave the cooking area and check the cooking process as it may overheat the cooking utensils.
     - Be careful of hot water or steam when cooking.
     - Be careful that the product is hot if eaten immediately after cooking.
     - Take as much as you need and cook the remaining products in the freezer to prevent thawing.
     - Do not cook in a bag in the microwave.
     - Be careful when ingesting body that causes allergic reactions to certain ingredients.

    5. Product specifications
     30 units per box with 1 bar based on 300G.

    6. Absenteeism and tardiness matters
     As a local brand, we would like to supply the product only, and we do not have any packaging for export.
     Therefore, it is replaced with an image of a package for domestic consumption as there is no packaging for export.






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    3 UMJIFOOD Co., Ltd.

    • Country

      South Korea South Korea
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    • President

      Young Mo Ma

    • Address

      107 Bonghwanggongdan 2-gil Gimje-si Jeonbuk, Gimje-si, Jeollabuk-do, Korea

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    • Company introduction

      Our Umji Food Company is a 30-year-old producer of frozen dumplings, and making clean and safe products is a top priority. Located in Gimje, Jeollabuk-do, it has a CAPA that can produce about 1.2 million tons a year, and it has the technology and know-how to produce mandu in various shapes.

      Based on various sales channels, we have steadily grown. Based on these sales channels, we have established Taesong, a subsidiary company specializing in frozen rice, and have shared the business together.

      Based on our technology and trust, we hope you will show your interest and support in the frozen food market, which is growing steadily.

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