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    NETTERUMANIJ&C Trading taking up the global market

    Household Name for Detox patch NETTERUMANI

    Since1999, this original patented detox patch has been a household medicinal product in Japan.

    While you are asleep, the triple power, combination of three ingredients (Eucalyptus Tree extract, Tourmaline, Agaricus) allows perfect condition recovery and ensures energetic morning.

    How to Use NETTERUMANI: Detailed instruction of NETTERUMANI attached.

    NETTERUMANI FAQ: We are always ready to address customer complaints and fulfill customer needs.

    CUSTOMER CENTER Open and Operating between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. daily.

    Ingredients of our products tell everything about their quality.

    Ingredients for NETTERUMANI may be similar in other competitors’ products but can never be the same.

    Widely-known NETTERUMANI; NETTERUMANI allows healthy feet and energetic start of the day.

    The product sold one billion pieces in the U.S., Japan and Europe. Product condition before and after the use,

    Eucalyptus Tree extract, Agaricus, Tourmaline= Special ingredient from the Amazon.

    NETTERUMANI is a patented product. Be careful not to be deceived by similar competitor products.


    What is Detox Patch?

    The detox patch contains the smoke from wood burning after liquefying, purifying and drying them before being made into powder.

    The extract fluid can absorb water from the trees and our products uses applied technology out of that feature.

    Since 1999, the products sold widely among athletes and the elderly in Japan, and have become a household name for medical treatment along with regular medicated patches.


    What is NETTERUMANI?

    NETTERUMANI, meaning “while you are asleep” in Japanese, is made by the original inventor CEO Nagata after combining detox patch and functions of Agaricus. NETTERUMAN contains only highest-quality ingredients extracted from perfectly clean Brazilian nature and processed and formulated in Japan.

    The product is patented and is widely loved by Japanese customers.


    NETTERUMANI Ingredients


    Eucalyptus Tree Extract

    Excellent absorption, Oxidation heat created


    Polysaccharide such as beta-glucan

    Steroid, Dietary Fiber etc.

    Tourmaline Powder

    Micro current discharged

    Far-infrared radiation, anion discharged


    Eucalyptus Tree Extract Powder

    The product contains, as main ingredient, the extract powder of eucalyptus tree, one of the tallest in Brazil.


    Eucalyptus tree can grow up to 112m and release pleasant fragrance to and disinfect neighboring areas. It effectively absorbs massive amount of water, and marshes as well as malaria-causing mosquitoes tend to disappear when the trees are planted nearby.


    Agaricus Mushroom Powder

    Agaricus used in NETTERUMANI are naturally grown without pesticide in the clean area of Brazil.

    It is the highest quality product recognized by AAO Mark given to only four best farms that met the government standards in Brazil. It is absorbed into your system through bodily pores which in turn enhances the immune system.

    Agaricus in Growth



    Tourmaline Powder

    Tourmaline emits anion and far infrared light, and the function of emitting anion is enhanced by adding ion minerals while processing. .


    Application Mechanism

    Basic Working Mechanism

    Once the product is opened, the powdered Eucalyptus wood acidic vinegar is oxidized due to the exposure to the air and during the process, the oxidization heat is generated, expanding pores and fat glands on the soles.  

    The osmotic pressure through sole cell membranes allows the sheet to absorb bodily wastes such as uric acid and other enzymes.

    In addition, eucalyptus wood vinegar and tourmaline stimulate the foot reflex points.


    Feet are the Second Heart

    Feet are the farthest from the heart. Arterial blood flow from the heart affects every corner of feet and then venous blood doubles back its way to the heart carrying bodily waste, which is a strenuous work. The feet are at the bottom of the body, making it extremely difficult to pump the flow upward to the heart unless there is strong pressure. The solution to this problem is the muscles around the veins.
    In case of blood congestion near the feet due to lack of exercise or other disruptions, the overall blood circulation worsens. This can in turn cause ischemia, a symptom of carrying insufficient oxygen to the brain. This is the major reason for people to feel less concentrated, anxious, lethargic and in some severe cases, dizzy. If the symptom continues, it becomes chronic, which people of modern society are experiencing.

    The feet and the brain are the body parts farthest from the brain, but are linked tight with blood vessels and neurons, having huge impact on one another. The aging of the feet leads to that of the heart and that of the brain.

    As such, utilizing feet muscles actively and facilitating functions of the brain as well as make the heart young again, is the simplest and surest way to stay young and healthy. When you walk, the tips of your toes get crooked as you step on the ground. This motion, in turn, pumps up the blood circulation. To boost blood circulation, it is best to walk lightly than to exercise intensively as in football or basketball. The blood vessels and nerves are closely connected to the brain and internal organs. The stronger the feet become, the stronger your heart and respiratory system are to become and the more likely to prevent the brain aging.  

    NETTERUMANI can serve this function instead. It helps blood circulation of capillaries and thereby reducing burden on the heart and relieving the fatigue of the feet muscles with appropriate stimulation.  


    Right sole, left sole, pituitary gland, pineal gland, cerebrum, cerebellum, brain, ears (tonsil), left ear, right ear, left eye, right eye, mouth, thyroid, shoulders, bronchial tubes, shoulder joint, right lung, left lung, back bone, stomach, liver and bowels, kidney, pancreas, heart, kidney, gall bladder, elbow, large intestine, colon, urinary track, small intestine, appendix, bladder, pelvis, ovary, anus, genitals, pelvis, hipbone



    Foot Meridian Stimulation

    Boost energy flow with meridian stimulation

    Meridian (the flow of energy)

    Meridian Spots (vital points, points for acupuncture)


    The Reflexology on meridian points on feet was already systemized 2,000 years ago in China by a doctor called Hwata.

    There are points of peripheral nerves located in the feet corresponding to each body part. The theory of reflexology asserts that stimulating those nerves can boost the functions of the corresponding body parts. In the Oriental medicine, these reflex points are called meridian and some 60 of them are said to be concentrated particularly in the feet.

    If you stimulate the meridian point for the heart for example, the stimulation flows toward the heart just like in the image and thereby boosting the cardio motility (basic principle for acupuncture and aciculums).

    The reflexology is now gaining traction in modern medicine circles and the Western medical circles as well, and there even is a certain group of professionals called reflexologists.



    Stimulation on Feet (Aciculum Effect)

    Reflex Point Stimulation

    The reflex point is where multiple meridian spots are concentrated.

    In the ancient times, humans could stay healthy as they walked around barefoot, letting coarse ground stimulate their feet and reflex points.

    However, with advancement in civilization, people started to wear shoes and ride on cars, which eliminated almost all external stimulation to the feet and resulted in impaired blood circulation.

    Stimulating these reflex points can be equivalent to the “massaging of the nature” that human feet used to get before civilization advancement.

    If you massage your feet, bodily waste accumulated at the tips of the feet and toes gets dissolved.

    The bodily waste, however, cannot be discharged from the tips but has to flow back through ankles and knees to the kidney where it gets discharged.

    The feet, a miniature of the whole body, are called the “second heart” for its functions to boost bodily blood circulation through its connection to diverse body parts.  

    According to a college research group, the reflex spots on the feet and brainwaves are closely related.


    Head, chest, abdomen, lower abdomen, right sole, left sole, head (eyes, nose, ears), shoulders, lungs, bronchial tubes, liver and bowels, waist, joints, neck (thyroid), abdomen, genitals, heart




    If the reflex spots are on the parallel, they are classified as head section, chest section, and lower part of the abdomen as in the image.

    More precise classification of the reflex points from the Oriental medicine is as in the right image, and simulation on each spot boosts the functions of the corresponding body part.


    Anion Effect of Tourmaline Powder

    Tourmaline emits the largest volume of anions among minerals.

    As people in modern society live in a world of pollutants and excessive ions, it is necessary to balance the environment with anion.

    Tourmaline gemstone, processed tourmaline powder

    The effects when the anions emitted from tourmaline are summarized as follow;

    Cells are revitalized through cell ion exchanges as anion puts pressure on cell membrane;

    In addition, anion suppresses serum cholesterol, a cause for lifestyle diseases such as arteriosclerosis;

    When anion gets into the system, the bodily fluid is alkalized, boosting metabolism and combusting fatigue-causing element and thereby allowing refreshing feeling.

    Anion stabilizes the function of autonomic nerves.

    Anion vitalizes β-endorphin through cerebral hormones and enhances happy feelings.


    Immunity Boost by Agaricus

    Immunity Boost by Agaricus Powder

    Brazil’s Agaricus powder attracted attention as it was used to treat skin cancer of the former U.S. president Donald Regan.

    It is currently used to treat cancer, diabetes and AIDS thanks to its anti-carcinogenic and immunity-boosting features. The plant is still being studied on as it is known to harbor many benefits according to multiple researchers.

    Agaricus in Growth, AAO Mark



    Difference in Raw Material

    There are some 30 different detox patches around the world, and NETTERUMANI is the only original patented product among them.

    Difference in Raw Material

    • Raw materials directly imported from Japan (powder ingredient directly processed by  Japan)

    • 100% Brazilian Eucalyptus extract with excellent disinfecting and absorbing power

      (Despite recent competitor advertisements insisting that they use Eucalyptus extract, most of them use oak extract and especially Korean products use tangerine tree extract mainly as ingredient)

    • The product contains Brazilian Agaricus powder that costs approx. 5 mil. Korean won per kg

      (Competitors use keto acid, vitamin, mint and the like)

    • Tourmaline powder of micro current

    • Powder ingredient is processed by Japan, 100% Brazilian Eucalyptus extract with excellent disinfecting and absorbing power, Brazilian Agaricus powder, Tourmaline powder of micro current



      Difference in Certification

      There are some 30 different detox patches around the world, and NETTERUMANI is the only original patented product among them.

      Difference in Certification

    • Obtained patent

    • Recommended by the Japanese Association of Lifestyle Disease Prevention

    • Recommended by the Korean Association of Lifestyle Disease Prevention

    • Passed FDA safety test

    • Uric acid, cholesterol, phenol, chloride detected in FDA’s bodily waste analysis result

    • Passed skin irritation test by Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology (on rabbit guinea pigs)

    • Proved highly effective in brain wave test by Korea Mental Science Research Institute

    • Tourmaline anion levels measured by Korea Far Infrared Application Research Institute

    • Raised body temperature detected when attached to skin through far infrared light scanning



      Certificates & Recommendations


      Production Processes and Facilities

      Production Process and Production Facilities

      Production Processes

      Eucalyptus Extract Grinding-Agaricus Grinding into Powder-Tourmaline Pulverization->Mixing=>Japanese Production Process - Export

      Korean Production Process. Mixing – Starch Fermentation, Grinding ->Powder Packaging->Waterproof Processing

      Production Facilities Milling facilities are located in Japan. Korean facilities include mixing, powder packaging and waterproof processing. The rest of the follow-up processes are done manually.




      Q What does NETTERUMANI mean?

      A The word NETTERUMANI means “while asleep” in Japanese. CEO Nagata of Japan’s Life21 LLC used Agaricus to treat her husband’s cancer. Since then, the detox patch started to gain popularity. It has evolved to contain wood vinegar and continue to be improved as Japanese’ popular folk remedy. The ingredients such as agaricus, tourmaline, and eucalyptus are dried and powdered to make easy-to-use and effective detox patches.

      Just like medicated patches and poultice, the product sucks up bodily wastes and toxins from soles – imagine the root of a tree sucking up the moisture – and through the process, it allows fresh and energetic body condition for users. The patch-style product serves as cupping therapy.

      To put it more simply, it is a combination of medicated patch and cupping.

      Q Why is the Eucalyptus tree extract used?

      A The wood vinegar has the energy to draw up the water from the roots underground to the leaves upwards in a tree.

      We apply the wood vinegar at the sole to suck up unnecessary moisture and bodily waste. Eucalyptus trees grow up to 110m and if planted near the marsh area, the marsh is known to disappear thanks to the powerful suction force of the trees. Competitor products contain oak extracts or pine tree extracts etc. unlike us. 

      Q Why do we use the sheet while asleep?

      A Your body gets most relaxed during sleep, which also allows the most smooth stimulation delivery from the feet to the brain. It is also more convenient to have them attached while asleep.

      Q What are the main features of Brazilian Agaricus/Eucalyptus trees?

      A Agaricus has grown successfully both in Japan and Korea for mass production. However, the natural environments and natural energy of Japan and Korea seem to be deteriorating.  Brazilian Agaricus and Eucalyptus still harbor natural energy and that’s why NETTERUMANI contains powders of Agaricus and eucalyptus trees grown in government-certified farms in Sao Paolo.

      Q The NETTERUMANI sheets get discolored to yellow the next morning after I applied them before sleep. Is this because the NETTERUMANI substances are dissolved and discharged?

      And why doesn’t the sheet change when attached to elsewhere than to soles?

      A The key ingredients of NETTERUMANI include agaricus, eucalyptus tree powder and starch. The tree extract powder in particular serves as pump that sucks up the bodily wastes just like it does in the tree trunk to carry the water from the roots to the leaves. This extract fluid is absorbed in the sheet and the starch inside can enhance the suction power. By the way, the fluid is sticky but the starch ingredient is stickier hence the stickiness of the sheet.

      The blood pumped from the heart delivers nutrients, oxygen and hormones to every corner of the body and then carries bodily wastes from the kidney, liver and bowels and spleen etc. back to the heart. And the location where this U-turn of blood circulation takes place is the feet. That’s why the feet are called the second heart. There is high level of blood flow on feet with many vital spots and nerves being concentrated. However, even a slightly slower blood circulation can leave bodily waste behind on the feet. And the soles have many vital spots as well as activated sweat pores and fat glands, making them critical points to stay healthy.  

      You attach NETTERUMANI on these very soles to extract out bodily wastes inside. If you put it regularly, you can feel that your health conditions improve.

      Q Do you attach the sheet on the soles only?

      A As the old saying goes, “aging starts from the feet” or “the feet are the second heart,” people are aware of the importance of the feet. As some of you may already have experienced, your body warms up when you rub your feet together. In addition, many diseases were cured after receiving foot massages, and some critical diseases were found by diagnosing the feet for any lumps and pain there.

      Why Rubbing Feet is Good for Health

      First of all, rubbing the feet allows discharge of toxins (residues from metabolism - precipitate) that are stagnated at the tips of toes and enables smoother blood flow and thereby vitalizing the cells and removing any unnecessary burden on organs.

      Secondly, there exist the reflex spots closely connected to organs in the feet, so when those points are stimulated, the movement of those related organs and their physiological mechanism gets invigorated.

      In addition, the lymph and the affiliated organs in charge of immunity will further be activated and help you regain health.

      The feet are called the “second heart” as there are multiple vital spots of the corresponding body parts are concentrated. Today, according to one university research group, the reflex zone and the brain waves are proven to be closely linked, and the news is getting traction.

      The sheets must be attached on the soles. Other than soles, you can additionally attach on the shoulders, waist, knees and abdomen.

      However, do not use it on the eyes. Please refer to the separate manual for special cases.

      Q Should I continue attaching it regularly for indefinite period?

      A In principle, you can use the sheet until it is discolored and stays dry. But, if any of the four discharge organs such as liver, kidney, lung and skin, bodily waste starts to accumulate again within one or two months’ time. This is when the waste must be removed once again. Otherwise, the blood circulation will be impeded, making you sick or uncomfortable.

      Make sure to use the NETTERUMANI twice or three times every month, and to check that the bodily waste are discharged in sweat, urine and feces through regular and normal exercise

      Q I used NETTERUMANI for the first time but the sheet stayed dry. Does this mean I am healthy enough?

      A No. Sometimes customer with cold hands and feet may experience the wetness of the sheet almost after 20 days since the first application. Cold hands and feet mean you have rather lower level of blood circulation, so please persistently continue with using the sheet. You can use unused dry sheet now on so please enjoy.

      Q What are the effects of NETTERUMANI? I’ve attached it once and witnessed the toxins extracted from my body but could anything different at that time.

      A NETTERUMANI allows warming the feet and deep sleep. Spots attached with the sheet are invigorated with cells and they can also discharge toxins. The cells of the soles are activated, thereby discharging more toxins effectively as well as boosting the blood flow of the whole body. It helps you with pain and swelling as it extracts unnecessary water and sucks up the toxins for discharge.

      Things can’t get better overnight. So is this NETTERUMANI. Continue using our product on a regular basis, while not having too high expectation about the product. It will make you feel light, refreshing and fatigue-free. If you are currently experiencing pain right now, you can definitely know the beneficial effects of the product.

      Q Are NETTERUMANI products medicine?

      A In modern medicine, doctors use medicine to kill the germ but in the Oriental Medicine, we use devices like acupuncture, cupping, massaging, hand pressure, aciculum and others to boost human’s natural healing power so that it can fend off diseases. NETTERUMANI also boost our body’s natural healing powers by absorbing bodily waste in the blood and lymph fluids while letting agaricus and eucalyptus wood vinegar to stimulate reflex (nerves in bundle) spots on the feet. This, in turn, absorbs bodily waste in the blood and lymph, and boost the blood flow, thereby raising natural healing powers.

      The product was determined not medicine by Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. In another words, it is legal to sell or trade it as commodity.

      Currently, it is now categorized as commodity in Japan and is sold freely to hospitals, super markets, convenience stores, department store, pharmacy etc.  

      Q Is NETTERUMANI imported?

      A Agaricus and Eucalyptus wood vinegar, the two main ingredients of NETTERUMANI are imported through formal customs and procedures. They are then packaged in formulation with homegrown fermentation starch in the plant located in Chungju of Korea. All of such processed products are packed to be exported to Japan. Some of the products are used for domestic demands in Korea.

      So, the products are the same with those sold in Japan.

      Q Are there any application manual or instructions?

      A The new publication “How to Attach Detox patch” is now published by Cheongmoon-gak, which was originally issued by a Japanese Group of culture creation after the negotiation was successfully concluded.

      Q Are there any adverse side effects?

      A Unnecessarily long use the sheet may cause eczema on the skin. Please stop using the product under such situation. In addition, make sure not to eat the product.

      There could be some healing crisis. One or two out of every 100 feel lethargic, gets skin troubles and feels exhausted and says that the pain gets worse. The healing crisis takes different form in different people so please stop temporarily to avoid the healing crisis and start reusing it again.

      Q What are the cautions for use?

      A On the felt of the NETTERUMANI are written with letters. Make sure to place the side with no letters to the body and to check whether the contact is air tight. For first time users, attach three sheets starting from the tip of the toes. Check the next morning after detaching the sheet and look for heavy concentration of toxins and their discharge. After that, you can concentrate on your weak points in terms of health.

      Wear socks or foot cover if you toss and turn heavily during sleep. We have launched our own brand of outer socks called Haittemiru”.

      There are some who use the powder after opening without having read the user manual carefully enough.



    NETTERUMANI You can attach the product just like you do with regular medicated patches as following;





    1. Open the product and prepare the mask

    2. Remove the center part of the film

    3. Fix the sheet for use

    NETTERUMANI Image of the product attached on the skin

    Attach the sheets on the pain spots and soles of each foot before bed and remove them the next morning before swiping the areas with wet towel.

    If the soles are dry and almost intact after detaching the sheets, you can use them one more time. 

    For some people, it may take longer to get the bodily waste out of the system. Over time, the volume and color of the bodily waste may change.



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      It was chosen as a best healthcare item in Korea and Japan.
      Furthermore, with our aggressive sales and marketing, we are expanding our market in EU countries and Asia countries. NETTERUMANI has also received CE certificationa as a Class I medical device.

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