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    OLOMIMI 2019 Summer NEW Product / MADE IN KOREA

    100% cotton / Jacquard / Baby Pajamas / Under clothes / kids clothes

    KC Certification No. CB014N050-8001(KATRI)

    Manufacturer : GOES




    Children's clothing that can be worn indoors in spring and summer seasons
    Pretty design and practicality Good quality



    Soft, cute!


    • 100% unstimulated / non-fluorescent

    • Pants feature covered elastic waistband and allover prints

    • 100% Cotton, Breathable and Comfortable

    • Soft, Colorful Sleeveless Sleepwear, Set of 2

    • They'll love this style - you'll love this place


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    4 GOES

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Iksan-Daero 30Gil 12, Iksan-si, Jeollabuk-do, Korea

    • Product Category

      Children Clothing,Infant & Toddler Clothing,Underwear,Baby Underwear

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      Olomimi is authentically made in Korea brand specializing in essential wear for comfy and cozy wear at home and during sleep. Cute designs and unique fabrics patterns win love of many parents and children around the world.

      we follow traditions of well-known Korean quality, high workmanship and diligence to manufacture comfy and cozy clothing for our beloved kids!




      our customers turst our brand because Olomimi means:


      -  High-Quality korean fabric with unique patterns and prints.


      -  ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and KC safety mark and KATRI non-fluorescent certifications.


      -  100% pure natural cotton.


      -  Non-fluorescent and hypoallergenic products for sensitive children skin.


      -  Genuinely "designed and made in Korea" brand!




      Age group from 1-12 years old

      Unique fabric and patterns for all 4 seasons of a year Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter.

      Various designs for comfort wear-short sleeve, three-quarter sleeve, long sleeve, relaxed and snug fit designs.


      Together we make Olomimi a global brand and have strong business partnership with Japan, China, Vietnam, Malaysia and North America, Europe including many other countries!


    • Main Markets
      • South Korea South Korea
    • Main Product
      • _OLOMIMI_KOREA 2019 New_Pajamas_under clothes_OLO_ROCKET

        [OLOMIMI]KOREA 2019 New/Pajamas/under clothes/OLO-ROCKET

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      • _OLOMIMI_KOREA 2019 New_Pajamas_under clothes_ WINK_MIMI

        [OLOMIMI]KOREA 2019 New/Pajamas/under clothes/ WINK-MIMI

      • KOREA__OLOMIMI_  22SS Kids home wear_loungewear_Three_quarter sleeves Rayon_Shapes

        KOREA_[OLOMIMI] 22SS Kids home wear/loungewear/Three-quarter sleeves Rayon/Shapes

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