meditime Breast Intensive Firming Cream

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14 ICURE Pharmaceutical Inc.

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    Intensive Breast Firming Cream










     √ Volufiline 11%   √ helpful to flaccid and nonelastic breast care


    Contains 11% of Volufiline that helps managing the skin elasticity. The golden ratio mixture of pomegranate tree extract rich in natural plant estrogen that is good to women, pueraria, and coenzyme Q10 ingredients takes care of flaccid breasts to be firm and vital.


    SEDERMA from France

    Volufiline 11%


    √The mot famous ingredient of the global company SEDERMA from France

    √Applying for elastic skin

    √Plant ingredient extract from Anemarrhena root that belongs to Liliacaea (family of Lily) helps skin elasticity


    √Anemarrhena extract (strengthen elasticity, nutrition supply)

    √Pomegranate extract (natural plant ingredient estrogen)

    √Pueraria extract (strengthen elasticity)


    1. Fast and strong breast firming care cream with 11% of Volufiline

    2. The world's first to apply the TDDS Technology! Active Ingredients penetrate deep into the skin

    3. Elastic breast care with female hormone-like plant ingredient

    4. Confidence UP! 24 hours easy without special massage



    [How to use]


    Clean the area and remove the water completely before the use. Take proper amount and gently massage the breast from the bottom to the top until the product is absorbed.



    Take proper amount and evenly spread it on the skin.



    90g 3.17oz




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    14 ICURE Pharmaceutical Inc.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      10, Bongeunsa-ro 104-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

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      Pharmaceuticals,Face Cream & Lotion,Skin Care Set,Other Facial Care

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    • Company introduction


      ‘World’s First’ ‘Unique Technology’ ICURE


       ● Prepared cosmetic pharmaceutical companies in the era of Health & Beauty 

           ● Cure & Care through Skin Solution 

           ● Unrivaled technology to deliver medicines and cosmetics safely and effectively to skin



      Core Technology


      1) TDDS (Transdermal Drug Delivery System)
      The most effective and unique ingredients Unique technology that only delivers deep into the skin


      2) CP-TDDS
      (Cell Penetrating-Transdermal Drug Delivery System) By combining TDDS technology with CPP skin permeation technology More effective skin coverage


      Representative Component


      1) The cell-mediated high activity ‘botulinum’
      (Botulinum toxin-derived peptide + Cell penetration peptide / Patent number :10-2018-0026006)


      2) Unique Bio Antioxidant 'Anti-O Matrix ™‘


      3) MELABAN W Complex™, a specialty ingredient




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