High hardness 3D glass screen protector (Full coverage/6H)

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8 Bio Shield Co.,Ltd.

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    [ Product Description ]


    It is a high hardness full coverage screen protector for curved devices with the material of optical PET with glass coating which is produced by the mold technology. Recently, the smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung and Apple, they release their new devices with a curved LCD screen for the design trend. The trend of the screen protector is changing to the high hardness screen protector from the general tempered glass screen protector.

    * Disadvantages of the tempered glass

      · easily broken (chipping and cracking edges)

      · Thick thickness (slow touch reaction)

      · No oleophobic coating



    [ Background ]


    Nowadays, smartphone manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung produce their smartphones with different shapes/types of touch screen(flexible, curved, edge etc.) for the reasons of the customers satisfaction and the development of touch screen manufacturing techniques, but other screen protector manufacturers cannot produce the products for those new shapes/types touch screen. BIOSHIELD uses the 3D forming mold technology to make the optical PET film shaped (curved) and it covers the new shapes/type of touch screen perfectly.



    [ Product Features ]


    9.1 x 18 x 0.8(cm), 90g


    Product features :

    - Ultrasonic fingerprint scan compatible

    - PET with glass coating

    - Thin, light and infrangible (no chipping or cracking edges)

    - Case friendly (it is compatible with the most of cases)

    - Full coverage (edge to edge protection)

    - 6H hardness (anti-scratch), high transmittance and oleophobic (AFP + oil free) coated


    Available models

    Galaxy S10/S10+/S10e

    Galaxy Note 9

    Galaxy S9/S9+

    Galaxy Note 8

    Galaxy S8/S8+

    Huawei Mate 20 Pro



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    8 Bio Shield Co.,Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Lim Youngchoon

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      13#504, Tower A, Hyundai Knowledge Industry Center, 11, Beobwon-ro 11-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea

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      Screen Protectors

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    • Company introduction

      BIOSHIELD is an antimicrobial screen protector manufacturer which is established in July 2011. We are certified by SIAA and ISO22196 for anitmicrobial thus our anitmicrobial screen protectors are antimicrobial effect and safety issues are concurrently assured. (99.9% antimicrobial activity - the international testing organization SGS & Passed safety tests includig dermal irritability and oral toxicity tests - the incorporated foundation of Japan Food Research Laboratories)
      The main product is '3D forming curved screen protector'. It is the world first curved screen protector with optical PET. We started to research and develop for 3D forming technology since 2012 with Galaxy S3 and till now(Galaxy S9/S9+, iPhoneX/8/8+). We keep working on 3D forming for the new curved smartphones to make the most perfect full coverage screen protectors. 
      The main export countries are USA, Thailand, China and New Zealand and the main domestic malls are SKP (One store), Shinsegae mall & E-mart, Lotte mall and more. We are growing up in both of domestic and overseas as a 3D forming screen protector manufacturer.

    • Main Markets
      • Canada Canada
      • China China
      • N.Zealand N.Zealand
      • Thailand Thailand
      • U.S.A U.S.A
    • Main Product
      • High hardness 3D glass screen protector _Full coverage_6H_

        High hardness 3D glass screen protector (Full coverage/6H)

      • Full coverage screen protector (edge to edge) for Galaxy S7 edge

        3D forming curved screen protector for Galaxy S7 edge (PET)

      • Antimicrobial 9H FlexGlass screen protector for Galaxy S21

        Antimicrobial 9H FlexGlass screen protector for Galaxy S21

      • 3D curved fleglass protector for Galaxy Note20 Flat _ Edge

        Flexglass protector for Galaxy Note20 Ultra

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