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pet nutritional supplements, pet products,
Pet Products

Our territory Inc.

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South Korea South Korea / 2018
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- Pet nutritional supplements -

It has high ability to break down proteins. There are Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. it helps dogs not only digest better increase their immune system and hair but also prevent enteritis


1.It's a pet nutrient made from two patent enzymes, Arazyme and Xylanase.
2.Arazyme is a patent enzyme in 43 countries, and Xylanase has patents in Korea and the United States.
3.Exclusive canine nutrition supplements made from new function of a high-efficiency protein breakdown enzyme
4.New concept of one-product compound nutrition supplements that allows preventing enteritis, mutation, and arthritis, and also relieving stress.
5.ARAZYME,Xyianase and various natural substances increase the immunity of the pet itself, which helps to build resistance of bacteria and virus infections and inhibits a pathogenic and expedites the infection healing



Pet Territory contains ARAZYME which effectively prevents and improves various inflammation caused by diarrhea and various diseases with anti-inflammatory effect. Pet Territory also contains colostrum powder containing a rich immune/growth stimulating factor, and allows post-lactation dogs and dogs with or after illness to strengthening the weakened immunity, supplementing nutrition, recovering vitality, stimulating growth, and anti-aging.



High enzyme activity in normal condition and rood temperature
Relatively high activity in either low and high temperature
High enzyme activity in acid, alkali, and wide area of pH
Strong activity in high salinity concentration
Diverse activities with various proteins substrates
No toxic and allergic reaction
Natural anti-bacteria and anti-inflammatory (no remaining in body)



Unlike typical proteolytic agent, ARAZYME affects only at inflammation sites locally and improves the inflammation when taken orally.


 Its feature can have an excellent effect on inflammation caused by diarrhea and respiratory diseases. The effect acts as a source of strength in the canine system against various diseases and inflammations.


ARAZYME as high-efficiency proteolytic agent:

Increased canine feed and nutrition intake (stimulating digest absorption)


ARAZYME with medical effects:

Anti-bacterial effect:  preventing infection from harmful microorganisms

Anti-inflammatory effect:  improves dogs’ immunity and maintains a strong immune system so that it protects itself from other diseases. Also prevents arthritis and liver dysfunction, which are common in adult/old dogs, and prevents them from getting worse.









Canine immunity is significantly lower than human immunity, which makes them easily exposed to disease.

The immunity builds after about 3~4 months, however publics adopt puppies before that period.

Due to poorly formed antibodies and rapidly diminished immunity, puppies are infected with viruses and die from diarrhea, vomiting, fever, and weakened immune system.

Frequent death rate due to enteritis, diarrhea, and decreased immunity.
Adult/old dogs
The most active period. Inflammation occurs due to wound and diseases.


Rheumatoid arthritis presents in many breeds and the cause of the disease is still unclear. However , autoimmunity due to immune complex and hypersensitivity reaction have been found to be related.


In the case of old dogs, poor digestion function due to decrease in immunity, deterioration of the circulatory function and resistance to infection, and weakened bones of status are observed.

Pregnant/lactating dogs

During pregnancy, 10% of the antibodies from the mother dog are transferred through the placenta. Remaining 90% are transferred through colostrum.  Therefore, pregnant dogs and lactating dogs are limited in vaccine and antibiotic dosing.


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Our territory Inc.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2018
Business type
MinHyuk Noh
Charmant #801 Naruteo-ro 69 Seocho-gu Seoul, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea
Product Category
Animal Feeds,Animal & Veterinary
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#Pet Territory

-Pet nutritional supplements 

It has high ability to break down proteins. There are Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. it helps dogs not only digest better increase their immune system and hair but also prevent enteritis


1.It's a pet nutrient made from two patent enzymes, Arazyme and Xylanase.

2.Arazyme is a patent enzyme in 43 countries, and Xylanase has patents in Korea and the United States.

3.Exclusive canine nutrition supplements made from new function of a high-efficiency protein breakdown enzyme

4.New concept of one-product compound nutrition supplements that allows preventing enteritis, mutation, and arthritis, and also relieving stress.

5.ARAZYME,Xyianase and various natural substances increase the immunity of the pet itself, which helps to build resistance of bacteria and virus infections and inhibits a pathogenic and expedites the infection healing


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