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Fall in love of my body with Konjac Jelly
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    South Korea South Korea

    Product name KONJAC JELLY Certification HACCP
    Category Other Foods Ingredients -
    Keyword beuty , beverage , dessert , diet Unit Size 95.0 * 180.0 * 0.0 mm
    Brand name Fall in love of my body with Konjac Jelly Unit Weigh 110 g
    origin South Korea Stock -
    Supply type - HS code 2106901020
    Product Information



    Konjac Jelly: The  Hottest Diet, Beauty & Wellness Trend

    Ready for the one the rises above the rest?



    <Product Features>


    üSugar Free

    üNo Artificial Coloring

    üNo Artificial Preservatives

    üMade in Korea

    Chewy Double Jelly Texture is the first in Korea 


    <Standing Out From the Rest>


    üDue to Konjac, feel full with just 2 Calories!

    üFun to Chew! No more watery “jelly”

    üYears of intensive development of Chewy Double Jelly Texture

      Jelly Within Jelly

    ü1st Generation Jellies: Non-jelly form, more water-jelly, fluid-like

    ü2nd Generation Jellies: Jelly-like form, yet only one jelly type

    ü3rd Generation Jelly: Only Double Jelly in korea


    üSweet taste with natural Erythritol, no need for any sugar!
    üErythritol, natural sugar alcohol, is derived from natural fermentation
      of fruit glucose
    üRich in Dietary Fiber due to Konjac, great for  low calorie, fiber dense diet 


    Enjoy the 2 calories sweetness of Fall in love of my body with K.J.

    When you feel hungry, if you have FLMB jellies instead of sugary snacks,               

    it keeps you full for a long time as the formulation of jelly is thicker  than any other products.



    Please stop drinking jelly now.

    You can feel like that chewy texture to double jelly, it is made

    in the form of another jelly in the jelly with Chewy of the Konjac



    Dietary fiber helps to lower the level of cholesterol and blood sugar,

    Fall in love of my body with K.J.

    The fall in love of my body with K.J is keep your full for a long time,

     it contains Konjac powder as low calorie diet with fiber-rich. 



    Sweet taste of Natural Erythritol without sugar Fall in love of my body with K.J

    The fall in love of my body with K.J are used to food additives to

    Erythriotl and natural sugar alcohol of naturally fermented to

    non-sugar fruit’s glucose,



    Elements for Differentiation





    *Jelly making is made of the other jelly in the jelly

    *The best flavor and chewy texture jelly

    *It is ONLY double jelly in korea

    1. Jelly making is made of   

                   the other jelly in the jelly.


    2. The best flavor and Chewy texture Jelly.


    3. It is the ONLY double jelly in Korea




    Diet : 95mmx180mm /110ml

    Dessert : 105mmx180mm /130m


    Diet : (110mlx10ea)x5p : 53mmx20mmx22mm

    Dessert : (130mlx10ea)x5p : 37mmx24mmx22mm 




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