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tteokpokki, ricecake, ricepasta,
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    Product name Majjoeum Tteokpokki Certification HACCP
    Category Other Instant Food Ingredients -
    Keyword tteokpokki , ricecake , ricepasta Unit Size 100.0 * 100.0 * 120.0 mm
    Brand name Majjoeum Unit Weigh 120 g
    origin South Korea Stock -
    Supply type - HS code 1901909099
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    In 2017, we got an inquiry from the buyer in Indonesia. The inquiry was that 1.'We need a Korean Tteokpokki with Halal certified.' 2.' the taste and flavor should be the same as Korea's cart bar.' 3. standard and fixed recipe. 
    So, we developed the 'Majjoeum Tteokpokki.'

    'Majjoeum Tteokpokki' is a unique item. It doesn't have animal ingredients. - Such as beef, meat, pork, chicken, bone soup, animal fats, or any animal extract.- We removed all of them from the ingredients. 
    Also, we don't use allergen - kinds of seafood(octopus, squids, seashells, crabs, etc.), nuts, etc. 
    Instead, we make the seasoning soup with vegetables. 

    As a result, we can export this item to all around the world. Also, everybody can eat this item without concern. 

    Original, Hot spicy, Jjajang (Black bean paste sauce), Sacheon Jjajang, Carbonara, Buldak, a total of 6 flavors are available now. Also, the recipe is simplified. Just pour the water up to the line and cook it with a microwave.

    In October 2020, we got the Vegan Certification. Now, we released the Vegan Tteokpokki with the Vegan logo. It will be a good information for the Vegan and vegeterian customers. 






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    3 SD korea

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