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handy air free machinery, mini air blower,
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3 Taesung E&S Corp.

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    MONOCUBE Finger Fan

    Outdoor portable fan weights only 77g

    Free finger clasp for securely attaching the back of the fan

    Easy to carry by finger ring and neck strap

    Safety lithium polymer battery without explosion hazard

    Can be placed on the desktop

    4 fan blades design, make the wind more comfortable and soft

    Three-speed wind adjustable

    3 pastel colors following the trend





    Type: Air Cooling Fan

    Material: Plastic

    Power Source: Lithium Polymer Battery (400mAh)

    Certification: KC, RoHS

    Voltage: 5V

    Color: 3 Colors

    Feature 1: portable

    Feature 2: Rechargeable

    Working time: 2 hours


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    3 Taesung E&S Corp.

    • Country

      South Korea South Korea
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      Lee Cheol Gyu

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      Gangseo-gu, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Korea

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      Other Home Appliances

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      Taesung E&S was started as a privately owned company in 2002. Since then we have constantly provided consumer electronics and home appliances such as earphones, charger, speaker, computer devices, humidifier, fans etc. After Taesung E&S was incorporated as a limited company in 2008, we extended our field into designing product and developing patented commercial articles. Currently we trade in over a thousand products to more than 40 partners and customers. In 2019, we developed own brand, MONOCUBE, to provide convenience by small but excellent daily goods. As a global leading provider, we are not limited to product categories and price and dedicated to overall customer satisfaction through our business resources. As your trustworthy partner, we provide not just products but also your whole life style.


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        minifan, handyfan,fingerfan,portablefan

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