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Penis Enlarger pump

By cocomedi

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penis enlargement pump , penis enlarger , penis enhancement , penis enlarge
Place of Origin
South Korea

35.0 * 22.0 * 35.0 cm
2 kg
HS Code

12 MEDICOCO Co., Ltd.


Country South Korea South Korea

Supplier Grade level3

Main products Penis Enlarger pump
Penis enlarger pump penis enhancer
Breast Enlarger pump

Product Information

penis enlarger ,,,

Certificate 'CE' from TUV

penis enlarger,penis care,penis enhancer,

In a day, during 10 minutes!!
"COCOMEDI" promises to recover your hidden ability

You can recover mans possibility From right now through "COCOMEDI"manufactured by Scientific Principle that you never understood. Force to find unmanageable at daybreak raises quickly and pride may occur and give healthy joy and happiness to your life in life

Principal of penis erection and penis  enlargement

As men get older, men's penis also gets shriveled and smaller. And, it may even atrophy if it is not used frequently. As men can make strong muscles by bodybuilding. You can innovatively improve the erectility and prevent from ejaculating prematurely by constant training on your penis. "Mr. Hi" made by Japanese and Korean patent technology is a convenient, scientific, and harmless product using electromotive inhalation. According to a clinical demonstration result, there are many positive effects by using "Mr. Hi", such as the length is enlarged about 15mm, at least over 7mm, the erectility gets much better, the penis gets much harder, the urine gets more powerful, ejaculation feeling gets better, and the lasting time gets longer because of the changed glans' shape and dull glans sense.

Phenomenon of premature ejaculation

The most important part of penis is glans. This glans part acts peculiar underpart that stimulate woman's erogenous zone when having relation with woman. So, can amuse more the relation with woman when glans is big. But, is being expose that is doing unsuitable sex life by premature ejaculation and classified as
(1) Hypersensitiveness for sexual gland feeler
(2) metal reason
(3) sexual disease. The most popular problem feeling pain among these is Hypersensitiveness for sexual gland feeler. "Hypersensitiveness for sexual gland feeler" is sense of sexual gland but ejaculated just as it is at time that circumstance nerve does not want cerebrum is seldom excited because is so sensitive.. In this case, phallus state can be soft if is equal but feel glans department and know that is soft.. This is the phenomenon that enough blood happens being not supplied in vein because glans department's spongy body tissue is weak. Phallus distribution nerve that give easily feel thereby becomes so brittle and produce result that have lost durability without relation with one's will.

Properties effects

Aimed in these point we developed Mr. Hi by scientific principle of Japanese pan tented technology that produces maximum-270mmHg 30mmHg's phallus load. Because much blood is cycled lustily phallus spongy body and glans department spongy body by these phallus load, it can get effect that of course greaten diameter and length of phallus that raise phallus and monument base in the shape of a glanss hardness and improve premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction phenomenon as that blunt sense of phallus distribution nerve.

Composition of products

Motor pump, Main body1EAVacuum hose1EA
Cylinder1EAContact jelly1EA
adapter for car1EAAC adapter1EA
Protector A1EA
Protector B1EA

Composition of products and name of each part

Motor pump, main bodyX 1
Cylinder(medium)Inner diameter Ø50mm x total length 250mmX 1
Cylinder(large)Inner diameter Ø65mm x total length 260mm(option item) X 1
Adapter for car DC 12 VX 1
Protetor Asilicone ring medium sizeX 1
Protetor Bsilicone ring small sizeX 1
Protetor Csilicone ring large size(option item) X 1
Vacuum hose1.0MX 1
Contact gelly100mlX 1
AC adapterINPUT 100-240 V, DC12VX 1
  • The external appearance and specification are changed without advance notice for quality improvement.
  • The contact jelly is tasteless and odorless, but stop using when it not fit your skin It is supplied separately for refill that please order to our company in telephone of fax.


Name & ModelPenis enlarger,penis enhancer
PowerDC 12V
Vacuum methodAuto vacuum method by Mini DC motor and diaphrame pump
Motor rotationDC 12V
Vacuum density0^600mmHg
Releasing vacuumReleasing vacuum by automatic
Life timeUse completely in 1 time continuously 10 or 20 or 30 minutes
Range of keeping0 ~ 40°C, humidity under 80%
Operation range10 ~ 40°C humidity under 85%
Size of Mainbody192mm(L) x 60mm(W) x 50mm(H)
WeightAbout 1.5kg
Size of Mainbody
192mm(L) x 60mm(W) x 50mm(H)
About 1.5kg



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Enjoy a joyful sex life with only 11 minutes of work out
every day. Pills, operation, exercise
is what many men with hung heads are concerned about.
Our penis enlarger uses electricity and is not as uncomfortable as pills or operation and uses a mycom program method with an LCD attached and is an enlarger that can serve as exercise that enhances the sexual functions by making rhythms and waves with a small but strong vacuum pump. Through the back and forth piston movement through negative vacuum pressure, the corpus spongiosum will be expanded and through this the amount of blood is physically increased to help in improving penis enhancement, premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction.
Penis enhancer,
Velocitometer, Carvernosal artery

If you learn the exercise and the training method, your penis will become larger,your sex function will be improved, and your life will be full of self-confidence and you will be able to feel the whole world changing beautifully.
Invest a bit for your future and find huge vitality in your life..
The device is an approved formal medical device that is used to improve blood flow inside the genitals such as the clitoris and corpus spongiosum etc. by applying physical energy with negative pressure to the genitals.


1.Erectility Enhancement Effect

When erectility is weak, the tissue is not activated and there is too small of a space for blood to flow in and enough blood is not supplied to the penis. At first, to enjoy sex with your partner, your penis is erect but you have probably experienced your penis dying when you insert. In this case, the corpus spongiosum inside the penis has not played its role and has retrogressed.
However, through the continuous exercise of contraction and expansion of the corpus spongiosum inside the genitals, the volume is increased, a lot of blood circulates, and not only is the hardness increased, but the penis becomes larger and bigger.

2.Penis Boost Effect
Men are all different but usually 6~10cm of corpus spongiosum is hidden in the pelvis inside the body. The muscle that pushes this corpus spongiosum out during erection is the bulbo cavernosus muscle and this muscle blocks the blood from flowing upward and maintains the erect state. Here, through the penis enlarger, the muscle is trained and pushes
the corpus spongiosum of the penis outwards. It differs from individual to individual but a Japanese clinical trials showed that after training with the penis enlarger, the penis was increased and became harder.

Premature Ejaculation Improvement Effect3.
Premature ejaculation means that you ejaculate when you don’t want to. The penis is hard but the glans penis is soft and tender like a deflated rubber balloon. This is because the corpus spongiosum of the glans penis was not activated and weak and because enough blood was not supplied to the corpus spongiosum blood vessel. The corpus spongiosum being weak means that the ejaculation nerve which helps in feeling easily, is made sensitive and results in the loss of sustainability. Here, the penis enhancer continuously expands and contracts the weak corpus spongiosum of the glans
penis with vacuum pressure and sufficiently supplies blood to the glans penis and makes it hard, causing the ejaculation nerve dull, therefore, freeing you from a chronic premature ejaculation problem.



Country South Korea South Korea

Supplier Grade level3

Han, Ae-sook
Songjuk-dong,453-10, Jangan-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Product Category
Beauty & Personal Care,Body Massagers
Year Established
No. of Total Employees
Company introduction

Properties effects

We developed manual typed ‘Mr.Hi ‘ and automatic typed ‘COCOMEDI’ by scientific principle of Japanese patented technology that produces maximum ‘- 550mmHg’ phallus load . Because much blood is cycled lustily phallus spongy body and glans department spongy body by these phallus load, it can get effect that of course greaten diameter and length of phallus that raise phallus and monument base in the shape of a glans’s hardness and improve premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction phenomenon as that blunt sense of phallus distribution nerve.

Also, there are many reports on the device which is more convenience, it is auto-run type that is free from inconvenience of existing manual treatment type pressing pump by hand, and can be adjusted pressure and size by oneself.

Our Training Machine for adult man “Mr.Hi”and "COCOME“ are safety and scientific product for the person pursuit more manlike.

It is not drug or disposable device but epochal product making enlarge penis and improving properties through endless exercise as like body building.

Main Markets
  • U.A.E. U.A.E. ,
  • Japan Japan ,
  • South Korea South Korea ,
  • U.S.A U.S.A

Verified Certificate

Top 10 Countries import Health & Medical from Korea

Top 10 Countries import Telecommunications from Korea(Rank, Import Country, 2015, 2016)
Rank Import Country 2018 2019
Value Increasing Rate Value Increasing Rate
1 U.S.A $ 11,424,465 -3.9% $ 11,514,740 .8%
2 Viet Nam $ 8,774,041 69.8% $ 9,315,743 6.2%
3 Pr.China $ 6,971,940 127.2% $ 7,361,129 5.6%
4 Spain $ 3,541,368 -18.8% $ 3,413,334 -3.6%
5 Russia $ 1,804,854 -14.7% $ 2,090,179 15.8%
6 Hong Kong $ 852,064 -26.2% $ 1,540,189 80.8%
7 France $ 760,559 -12.6% $ 1,281,442 68.5%
8 Malaysia $ 973,456 -39.0% $ 976,714 .3%
9 Taiwan $ 918,874 172.6% $ 967,526 5.3%
10 Germany $ 1,008,318 7.6% $ 870,079 -13.7%
Total $ 51,708,411 23.5% $ 47,569,168 -8.0%